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Morgan Stone Regulators (Peacekeeper Series, Berkeley/CA)

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Published here for tournament-reporting purposes only, please see @jaythejester's original here for a full description of the list itself.

What follows a brief recap of the tournament, held at Eudemonia in Berkeley on 2020/01/19 as part of the Peacekeeper Series 2019.

Round 1: against Alex on Desolation Row - Loss

Alex started out aggressively by sending Allie Hensman to the town square to do her thing, following up with his outfit's job to bring Allie and everyone else back home. I tried to bid my time and set up. T3 I had to come out of my house in full force to try and stop him, although it was risky since I hadn't seen any Pedros. Promptly got punished by having my two studs Pistol Whipped back home, and lost three of my draws in the process. Shortly thereafter, Alex managed to slap a Legendary Holster onto Sloane and finished me off the next turn, if i recall correctly.

Round 2: against Tom on Desolation Row/Jasper Stone - Win

Tom managed to take the town square early and planted Mario Crane there. I had a much better setup this time and saw all my pieces in time. Tried to take town square T2 and managed to take down mighty Mario, thanks to the LeMat Revolver's Non-Cheating resolution and Pedro for claim soak. After that, I had him on the back foot. The game snowballed after I managed to get six bounty off of his Travis Moone (Exp.1). I used this windfall to slide him out T4.

Round 3: against Zach on Fort 51/Darius Hellstromme - Loss

This match is a bit of blur, but I recall Zach's scientists doing all kinds of cool stuff, like inventing QUATERMAN again and again, and holding Technological Exhibitions in the town square. Never really got into that game myself, I also misplayed several times and missed my triggers.

In the end, I placed third out of four.

We ended our tournament with a full multi-player round, then it was back to work for poor Alex, and off to the pub for the rest of us.

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