Collected Rulings

Frontier Justice

Louis Pasteur

  • Louis makes the skill check, not the player, so Doyle's Hoyle can be used. (Source)

Gomorra Jail

  • Shootouts take place during the High Noon phase.

Diable en Boite

  • As it is a React ability (not Resolution), if it causes one posse to become empty, it will not immediately stop the shootout, and so the other player will still have to take casualties (if applicable). (Source)
  • If the equipped dude is saved with Arnold McCadish or Lay On Hands, you cannot activate the React ability. (Source)
  • Once you assign casualties to a dude, removing him from the shootout will not prevent you from having to resolve these casualties. (Source)

Recursive Motion Machine

  • If a card effect says "move this dude into a posse", but the dude doesn't actually change location, you cannot use the React ability. (Source)

Fancy New Hat

  • Any pre-existing influence-reducing effects are ignored as long as the Hat is worn.
  • Any subsequent influence-reducing effects are prevented as long as the Hat is worn.
  • Does not protect from traits (Hustings) or your own effects (Mortimer Parsons) (Source)

Shield of Faith

  • Your casualties are reduced by 1 only for this round; the rest of the effect applies for the whole shootout.
  • Protects from Takin' Ya With Me and Hot Lead Flyin'.
  • In the event of a tie in hand ranks, only the loser must discard/ace dudes (if it's a perfect tie, i.e. two Dead Man's Hands, then there is no loser). (Source)
  • Casualties still apply, and the winner still has to cover as many as they can (matters if they have Harrowed dudes or Sidekicks. (Source)
  • A player can ace opposing dudes if he owns them (i.e. affected by Puppet). (Source)
  • Dude cards can still be discarded/aced from a player's hand (i.e. by This'll Hurt In The Mornin'). (Source)

Rope and Ride

  • Opposing a job is not the same as accepting a callout. (Source)
  • You can use two of these in succession, if your dude has an unbooted horse. (Source)
  • If you call out a dude at an opponent's private location, then move them to a public location, your dudes will not get any bounty for breakin' and enterin'. (Source)


  • The affected dude's controller cannot use the ability printed on this card to reattach it to another dude. (Source)
  • Forget cannot be used to remove the ability to discard Incubation from a dude. (Source)

Flight of the Lepus

  • You can choose your dudes and opposing dudes at the same time. (Source)
  • You must boot either all of them or none. (Source)
  • If you choose Tyxarglenak, you may also choose any hucksters in the opposing posse. (Source)

No Turning Back

Ebenezer Springfield

  • 'Affects' means 'Has a direct effect on your dude. Including boot/discard/ace your dude, turn him from stud to draw, increase/decrease bullets/influence/value. Does not include an indirect effect such as discarding an attached goods even if the loss of the goods affects the dude.' (Source)

Elander Boldman (Exp.1)

  • If he is in a shootout, his ability cannot be used to unboot a Gadget outside of the shootout. (Source)

Antheia Pansofia

  • If Slade Lighbody pulls a club, then uses his ability and pulls another club, Antheia's bonus will apply twice. (Source)

Harry Highbinder

  • Controlling the town square means you can attach goods to your dudes there by Shoppin' or Tradin', attach Totems to the town square itself (Source), and also use Stagecoach Office to bring in new dudes there.

Jacqueline Isham

  • Don't forget to announce that you're using her ability, it doesn't trigger automatically.
  • Her ability can be used if any of your dudes (including herself) accepted a callout or opposed a job. (Source)
  • She remains a stud until the end of shootout. (Source)

Asyncoil Gun

  • The equipped dude makes the pull, not the player, so Doyle's Hoyle can be used. (Source)

Scoop Hound

  • Prevents Shootout plays that bring new dudes into play and move them into a posse (Raising Hell, Clown Carriage, Hired Help, Shane & Graves Security, Spirit Dance, The Pack Awakens). (Source)

Vitality Tonic

  • If the React ability is used, effects that trigger on a dude being aced (The Brute, The Undertaker) do not trigger. (Source)
  • If a dude is supposed to be aced to cover casualties but is saved with the Tonic's ability, that dude is now considered as being discarded as a casualty, and thus can be further saved by Arnold McCadish. (Source)

No Turning Back

  • Token dudes can be aced normally. (Source)
  • Acing a dude is part of the cost ("do X to do Y" format), thus React abilities cannot be used to save that dude from being aced (Dr. Emanuel Ashbel, Vitality Tonic, Lay On Hands), but a Harrewed dude will get discarded, not aced. (Source)
  • Will set casualties to zero after Takin' Ya With Me and Hot Lead Flyin' increase them, effectively negating these cards. (Source)

Nightmare at Noon

Nathan Shane

  • Nathan's ability cannot be used if his bullet value is higher than the number of cards in your opponent's hand. (Source)

Warren Graves

  • Warren's ability can be used even if the only dude in a posse is about to get discarded / aced / sent home, and the shootout will not end immediately. (Source)

John "Aces" Radcliffe

  • The effect of John's trait lasts until the end of the shootout. (Source)

Dog's Duster

  • Only prevents non-wanted Deputies from gaining a bounty for participating in a shootout at your opponent's private location (breakin' and enterin'). Does not affect dudes who are already wanted, and dudes participating in a Kidnappin'.
  • The dude issuing a callout doesn't have to be the same dude that's wearing the Duster. (Source)

For Such a Time as This

  • 'This Miracle's skill check' means pull + modifiers, not difficulty.
  • This card is aced only if the job succeeds and the spell is still in play. (Source)

Buried Treasure

  • Acing a dude card from the discard pile triggers the Undertaker.

Nightmare at Noon

  • Only one Headline action can be played per shootout, for both players.
  • Bullets are checked only once, when this card is played. Reducing bullets after that will not turn stud dudes into draws. (Source)

Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force

Benjamin Washington

  • If you discard several cards, you may choose several dudes and give -2 upkeep to each one. (Source)


  • At the start of the game you draw exactly 5 cards, not up to your maximum hand size. (Source)


  • If Hamshanks is unbooted in a location you control and is equipped with a Mayfair Family Deck while Tyxarglenak is also present, their protection effects cancel each other. (Source)

Sarah Meoquanee

  • Her trait references the Spirit keyword that spells have, not Spirit tokens. (Source)

Laughing Crow

  • You can attach revealed Spirit spells to any of your Shamans anywhere, including booted and in locations you don't control. This does not apply to Totems. (Source)


  • Can be used to affect pulls performed by the opponent or opposing dudes (skill checks, etc.) (Source)

Idol of Tlazolteotl

  • To attach something legally means to attach it to something it could legally attach to as it enters play. (Source) That also means you can only re-attch Totems to locations that you control where you have an unbooted Shaman. (Source)

Spirit Trail

  • If one Spirit Trail is attached to your home and another one to any deed (even out of town), your dudes can move from home to that deed without booting, as these locations are now adjacent. (Source)
  • A Shaman with a Buffalo Rifle can join the shootout at that deed from home, without moving or booting, and can use Totems attached to your home.

The Pack Awakens

  • Can be used only if your Shaman is present at this location and is participating in the shootout. (Source)
  • Enemy Gunslinger tokens also become Harrowed.
  • General Store cannot be used to attach Totems to locations you don't control, or locations where you only have a booted Shaman. (Source)

The Light Shineth

The Sanatorium

  • Can only give +1 Huckster skill to a dude who already has the Huckster keyword. (Source)

Den of Thieves

  • The cost-reducing effect applies to Grifters in your starting posse and in your deck. Consequently, using No Turning Back's noon ability to ace a Grifter will net you less money.
  • If you want to use multiple Grifter abilities, you must use one, then pass the priority to your opponent before using the other one.
  • If using the React ability during a shootout, you can put bounty on Grifters that are not in the posse.
  • Traits that trigger when a draw hand is revealed trigger before the Den's react ability makes the hand illegal. (Source)

Michael "The Badger" Dodge

  • The Badger's trait sets his bullet type to stud when a Melee weapon is attached to him, it is not a constant check. (Source)

Ivor Hawley (Exp.1)

  • Ivor's trait reduces his cost when he's in any game zone (in play, in boot hill, etc.), including for purposes like Soul Cage.
  • Ivor gets the discount for himself if you play him from boot hill (you pay costs first, then the dude enters play). (Source)
  • All starting dudes are put into play simultaneously, so Ivor doesn't get any discount for other Abominations in the starting posse. (Source)
  • When using Ivor's ability, you play Abominations or Hexes one by one, not simultaneously. (Source)

Deborah West

  • If Deborah issues a callout, she remains the leader (and stud) for the duration of the resulting shootout, even if she leaves the posse. (Source)

The Wretched

  • The Wretched can be invented by Valeria Batten. (Source)
  • The Wretched enters play at the Mad Scientist's location by default, unless another effect makes it enter play someplace else (e.g. Clown Carriage, Raising Hell, Soul Cage, Stagecoach Office).
  • If The Wretched enters play during a shootout, the inventing Mad Scientist doesn't have to be in the posse, or in the location of the shootout. (Source)
  • If The Wretched enters play at a location with no other dudes present, it must ace itself. (Source)

The Extra Bet

  • Replace a card after lowball hands are drawn but before they are revealed. (Source)

Mutant Cattle

  • The effect triggers from the discard pile, so Unprepared or Phantom Fingers will not prevent it. (Source)

Rich Man's Guard Dog

  • If invented during a shootout, the Mad Scientist doesn't have to be in the posse, or in the location of the shootout. (Source)

Rabbit's Deception

  • If you send your only dude home and your posse becomes empty, the shootout immediately ends, and you cannot combo. (Source)

Devil's Joker

  • +2 hand rank modifier applies as long as the Devil's Joker is in the draw hand. (Source)
  • Fetch grabs a card after hand ranks are locked, so you don't lose the +2 bonus. (Source)

Dirty Deeds

108 Worldly Desires

  • If used along with The Extra Bet, discard-then-draw first (for The Extra Bet), then draw-then-discard (for 108 Worldly Desires). (Source)

Morgan Stables

  • Use the react ability only if your dude actually changed location.
  • If you use a Noon ability to move your dude and initiate a shootout (e.g. Run 'Em Down!), wait for the shootout to end before using the Stables' react ability to cycle a card and make another Noon play. (Source)
  • If you use a Shootout ability to send your only dude home (e.g. Personal Ornothopter), you can make another play before the shootout ends.
  • If you play A Secret Tunnel then react with Morgan Stables, you can make two additional Noon plays. (Source)

Xiang Fang

  • If you set your home's production to 0, spend all your money, then borrow from the bank during the gamblin' phase and lose lowball, you must repay to the bank during the following upkeep phase (next turn). (Source)

Kabeda Hakurei

  • If a Totem's ability refers to "this location", it means Kabeda's location. (Source)

Rico Rodegain

  • You cannot get a startable deed (e.g. Gomorra Jail).
  • You cannot get a second Grifter (unless you're playing Den of Thieves).
  • You cannot get 5 new dudes unless one of them is Xiaodan Li. (Source)
  • In a multiplayer game, look at one opponent's hand. (Source)

Maza Gang Hideout

  • Under the new movement rules, dudes cannot move to this deed from town square without booting as a standard Movin' play.

Miasmatic Purifier

  • If a deed is discarded, all dudes there go home booted.
  • Testing Range cannot be used to pull again. (Source)

Disgenuine Currency Press

An Accidental Reunion

A Slight Modification

  • Playing an action card includes using an ability on that card.
  • Play this after your opponent declares the use of an ability, but before they pay any costs (ghost rock, booting cards, making a pull). Your opponent is still considered to have used that ability for this turn. (Source)
  • If played to counter a Headline action, no other Headlines can be played during this shootout. (Source)
  • Equipping cards as shootout plays (Auto-Revolver, Concealed Weapons) is different from using Shootout abilities. (Source)

Rabbit Takes Revenge

  • Affected dudes cannot flee the shootout, and cannot be saved from being discarded or aced by moving home booted. (Source)