Hex Slingin'

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johnhawkhaines 1

This is the Pine Box Entertainment provided Fearmongers starter deck. It can be purchased on drive thru cards and makes an excellent starting point for getting into the game.

From pineboxentertainment.com/dtsd/

Values– Nines, Jacks, and Tens

This Fearmongers Fourth Ring deck seeks to take control board position by use of noon actions. Leonardo “Leon” Cavallo boots an adjacent dude, Phantasm can move an adjacent dude, and Blood Curse penalizes a dude’s bullets and influence. Papa Marias helps you move opposing dudes out of position for following your hucksters. Curse of Failure can then neutralize a dude with limited support, with Unprepared, Ricochet, and Hex Slinging to push you over the top in the ensuing shootout. Abomination dudes can be semi-disposable with Ivor Hawley (exp.1) available to bring them back.

Shootout structure is looking for Full House / Four of a Kind with the key values.