Rulings and FAQ - Version 005-20151210

Note: Recent updates to the FAQ are color coded to aid identification.

The rules and mechanics


  • As per the Doomtown Tournament Floor Rules, the decision of whether to use a Grifter is taken by each player simultaneously, using the red/blue chip process.
  • Once it is determined who will be using their Grifters, the players must then determine the order randomly, using a coin toss or similar.

Turn Sequence clarifications


  • Traits or effects that apply continuously during Sundown start
  • Check for victory conditions (game possibly ends)
  • Effects that require a check or game state change during Sundown (e.g. Sloane Gang outfit) are resolved
  • All players may choose to discard one card from their play hand - Winner goes first.
  • All players refill their hand to their maximum hand size (normally 5 cards)
  • Unboot all cards
  • Effects that apply "during Sundown" end
  • Effects that apply until the end of turn end
  • Turn ends, start a new turn.


Step 1. Make Plays

  • Winner (of Lowball), or first player clockwise from winner if winner has no dudes in fight gets the first opportunity to perform a Shootout ability.
  • Shootout abilities must come from a dude in the fight, from cards attached to a dude in the fight, from an Action card, or move someone into the fight. A player may use a React printed on any card if the relevant trigger is met.
  • A card ability may be used to move a dude into or out of a posse from/to the same location as the shootout, as entering or leaving a posse fulfils the movement requirement of any such ability.
  • Each player with dudes in the fight may perform an ability when it is their turn until all players pass, even if they have previously passed during this round of the fight. However, once all players have passed the step ends immediately
  • If at any point before casualties are taken there is only one posse with dudes left in the shootout, the shootout immediately ends and that posse wins . Card abilities may not be used to move dudes back into an empty posse, as the shootout is already over.

Step 2. Pick Yer Shooter

  • Any dude in each posse may be chosen, even if not controlled by the Leader or Mark. Card effects may determine this choice.

Step 3. Draw!

  • If the lead shooter has zero bullets, they contribute nothing, all other dudes, including those with zero bullets, contribute 1 only, choosing a zero bullet dude as lead shooter if there is any other option reduces your shooting ability.
  • Players should determine how much of their Draw bonus they will use then discard simultaneously. Each player may, if they wish, examine their opponents discarded cards, but only after revealing their own discards.

Step 4a. Reveal

  • Reveal effects apply first, before any Resolution plays can be made.
  • Reveal effects are only applied to, or as a result of, the initially revealed hands this round, they do not get a chance to trigger during Resolution if a hand is changed by a Resolution effect
  • Reveal effects happen simultaneously, if either player believes it matters, the Winner can choose the order to process them.
  • Reveal effects normally apply for that round, and continue to do so if the hand is changed
  • The value of a joker is declared as part of Reveal and before Resolution plays. You may view your opponents hand before declaring the suit and value of your joker, but once declared, it cannot be changed.

Step 4b. Resolution plays

  • Winner (of Lowball), or first player clockwise from winner if winner has no dudes in fight gets the first opportunity to perform a Resolution ability.
  • Resolution abilities must come from a dude in the fight, from cards attached to a dude in the fight, from an Action card, or move someone into the fight. A player may use a React printed on any card if the relevant trigger is met.
  • Note: Cheatin' cards are not React cards and are played during the Resolution step alongside other Resolution plays
  • A Cheatin' ability may only be used when another player has a Cheatin' hand.If you are the only player Cheatin' you may not use a Cheatin' ability.
  • Cheatin' resolution abilities require that a different player is currently Cheatin' and they haven't already had a Cheatin' ability used against them to their hand this draw. A currently legal hand cannot have a Cheatin' ability used against it, even if that hand was previously illegal.
  • If a draw hand that was legal on reveal is changed as a result of a resolution ability, it may now be treated as a Cheatin' hand, the requirement is that the hand be Cheatin' at the time the resolution ability is played.
  • A player may only have one Cheatin' ability triggered by their draw hand per resolution step, regardless of how many times their hand changes to or from legal to Cheatin' during that resolution step.

Step 5. Take Yer Lumps

  • Modifiers to hand rank are cumulative and last for the round
  • Modifiers that take a hand rank below 1 or above 11 are still there but not counted for casualties, modifiers back the other way have to bring it back below the minimum or maximum (ie if a hand has rank 8, has modifiers giving it +6 and 2 it is still above 11 and counts as being rank 11)
  • If hands are exactly tied, there is no winner or loser for that round, the leader chooses casualties first.
  • There is no suit comparison, two (eg) straight flushes with the same numeric values are an exact tie regardless of suit.
  • Each player must try to 'fairly cover' casualties as exactly as possible, you must discard one dude if you have one casualty (you cannot ace a dude for one casualty), and must ace all your dudes if your casualty number is twice or more the number of dudes you have in the posse.
  • The loser of the round first chooses all their dudes that will become casualties and what will happen to them. After nominating all their casualties, each casualty is resolved one at a time. Reactions to the loser taking casualties (Takin Ya With me, Hot Lead Flying) are played after the loser finishes.
  • When the loser has resolved their casualties, the winner of the round then chooses theirs and then resolves them in the same way.
  • Card abilities that happen when a dude is being discarded or aced as a casualty (especially "healing" reacts) can change or prevent the discard or acing from taking place, this still counts for the purpose of fulfilling casualty numbers.
  • Sidekicks attached to a dude selected as a casualty can still be selected in the same round as the dude has not yet left play.

Step 6. Run or Gun

  • Dudes that flee count as moving, even if the shootout is in their own home
  • You may choose to have some dudes run and some stay, this can include the original mark if this is a shootout resulting from a callout.

Step 7. Chamber another Round

  • If both posses still have dudes remaining, another round of the shoutout happens automatically.
  • If not, all shootout effects end and the game returns to where it was, or the job is resolved

General Rulings


  • The mark's location is defined during step 4, "Saddle Up", when the leader's posse moves. Even if the mark subsequently moves (e.g. by Pistol Whip or fleeing under step 6), the job can still succeed if the attacking posse is there at the end of the job shootout.
  • The attacking posse only needs one dude to remain to claim victory, even if the original leader dies or is sent home
  • If the job was created by an ability on a dude and that dude dies or is discarded, keep them to one side until the job is resolved in case the job text needs referencing (they still count as having been aced or discarded for the purpose of other card effects).
  • The Leader starting the job only boots if the card requires it as a cost (eg: A Coach Comes To Town does not require the leader to boot, Ambush does)
  • Remember that moving to the location of the Job does not boot anyone. Instead, dudes other than the leader must boot to join the posse if they are not at the location of the mark, and the leader must boot if the job ability states that he must. Once the posse is formed, it moves to the location of the mark with no further booting required.
  • It is possible to mark your own cards with jobs, as long as the job itself does not specify an opposing card. If you do, you cannot defend against the job, but other players can still choose to do so in order to prevent the job from succeeding.


  • A dude may attach any number of sidekicks.
  • The sidekick must be attached to a dude in the posse in order to be used
  • Sidekicks cover a casualty in the same way as dudes do, they don't reduce the number taken, they count as one.
  • If another card effect checks the bullet rating of a casualty, a sidekick has 0 bullets
  • Cannot be used to replace a casualty required by, for example, Pinned Down
  • Can be selected as a casualty if the dude attached to has already been selected for that round, all casualties are selected then each is resolved.

Actions and Abilities

  • The first sentence after the colon is a requirement that defines whether an ability can be used. NB, a requirement is not a cost, negating costs does not remove the requirement. All other clauses after the first sentence must be done if possible.
  • Only Cheatin' Resolutions may be played during lowball. NonCheatin' Resolution abilities are limited to shootout draw hands only.
  • During multiplay, players with no dudes in the shootout are limited to Cheatin' Resolution abilities only.


  • Add their bullet bonus (if any) to the dude they're attached to even when booted, unless a card effect says otherwise Searching
  • When a card effect allows you to search for a card, you are not obliged to choose one you find. You simply declare that you are not retrieving a card, and continue play (after shuffling your deck if you searched it).


  • You check for Unique status at the point of entering play, if while a card is in play another copy goes to Boot Hill (e.g. through Ace in the Hole) this has no effect on the card while it is still in play, it does make it harder to return the card to play (e.g. with Raising Hell).


  • If a Dude leaves a posse (e.g. Pistol Whip) and then reenters (e.g. The Stakes Just Rose), they count as entering the posse and receive a second bounty if for a job that makes you wanted or in a shootout on private ground
  • Card effects that add to a bounty may target dudes with no bounty unless they say otherwise
  • The key to gaining bounty is the location of the shootout, not the location of the callout. If a dude is called out on private land, but the shootout takes place on public land due to a card effect e.g. Rope & Ride, no bounty is added.

Specific card rulings


All Jokers

  • A joker is only aced from a draw hand when it is included in the final five cards of that hand. If an effect removes a joker from a draw hand, that joker is not considered used within the draw hand, and so is not aced.
  • The suit and value of a joker is declared when it is revealed. Should the joker be discarded during Resolution, it no longer has a value and immediately reverts to being just a joker.

Devil's Joker

  • The hand rank bonus only applies while the joker is in your draw hand. Should it be removed before hand ranks are compared, the bonus is lost.


Desolation Row

  • When checking Desolation Row, the shootout has ended by the time you make the check, so any bullets gained or lost during the shootout no longer apply. For example, a dude who was Blood Cursed during the shootout will no longer have the 2 bullets applied.
  • Only the leader gets 2 bounty, and you gain ghost rock equal to the leader's bullets only.

Law Dogs

  • To use this ability, you only need to boot just enough dudes with combined influence greater than the chosen target dude.
  • Can be used on your own dudes to make them wanted.

The Sanatorium

  • Cannot give the Huckster bonus to a dude who does not already have the Huckster skill.

The Sloane Gang

  • The control point is gained during Sundown, after victory conditions are checked at the start of Sundown so cannot count for that turn.
  • If someone puppets your dude after you use this ability, you still get to choose whether to add a control point or take ghost rock, and if you choose the latter you gain the ghost rock, not the player who puppeted your dude.


Ancestor Spirit

  • Is removed from play as soon as it leaves a location, and so never arrives at its destination.

Arnold McCadish

  • The dude still counts as a casualty for other effects (e.g. Takin' Ya With Me).
  • Attached cards stay with the dude, they're not at any point actually discarded.
  • Can be used to save a dude who was originally aced, but is now being discarded due to another card effect (e.g. Dr Emanuel Ashbel).

Barton Everest

  • Trait triggers on reveal (step 4a above) and lasts for that round, is cumulative with other hand rank modifiers and continues to apply if Barton is aced or leaves the shootout.

Clementine Lepp

  • A Bounty Hunter can be played against Clementine, but will have no effect and is immediately removed from play.

Dr. Dawn Edwards / Eve Henry

  • If brought into play by the discard of the other, they enter play unbooted in the normal manner, effects do not carry over.
  • They do not enter the Shootout
  • They must actually be discarded, effects that prevent discard (e.g. Arnold McCadish) prevent the trigger for the trait.
  • You may search your deck even if you know the card is not present as that knowledge is not public (it may be in your hand, etc).

The Fixer

  • Discard the cards from the top of your deck.

The Ghostly Gun

  • If his ability is used when he is the last member of his posse the shootout ends and you skip to step 7 as per page 23.
  • It is a Resolution ability, Cheatin' abilities may still be played on the hand he is now in if, at the time the Cheatin' ability is played the hand is illegal and his owner hasn't already been targeted by a Cheatin' ability that draw.
  • His value must be declared when you use the ability.

Harold Aimslee

  • You must have a non-Weapon Gadget in your discard pile in order to use the ability and discard a card.

Ivor Hawley

  • His trait checks to see if he has one (or more) hexes attached and if so gives him the bonus, it's not a one-per-hex bonus.

Ivor Hawley (Exp.1)

  • When using his react, if he is aced by a Mad Scientist to bring a Wretched into play, he can then be selected as the second Abomination to be brought into play. Note: currently under review.

James Ghetty

  • The Ghost Rock may be used to pay for an Auto Revolver (or other Goods if Concealed Weapons has been played).
  • May not be used to pay secondary costs, such as paying for an Abomination brought into play using Raising Hell.

Jon Longstride

  • Allows an ability to be reused later in the turn, does not require or allow immediate use.

Kabeda Hakurei

  • Whenever a Totem's ability refers to "this location", it is referring to Kabeda's location.

Kevin Wainwright

  • Moving is a requirement of the ability, so he must actually change location (ie start in a different location to the Huckster).

Lawrence Blackwood

  • The control point gained from his action is in addition to any other control points he might gain (eg from the Sloane Gang outfit).

Lillian Morgan

  • The Ghost Rock may be used to pay for an Auto Revolver (or other Goods if Concealed Weapons has been played).
  • May not be used to pay secondary costs, such as paying for an Abomination brought into play using Raising Hell.

Louis Pasteur

  • Louis must make the Mad Scientist skill test.

Maria Kingsford

  • She does not add her bounty to her Huckster check when using a hex to enter the shootout.

Mortimer Parsons

  • After being sent home, his influence can still be modified using other card effects.

Nathan Shane

  • If Nathan's bullets are greater than the current number of cards in the opponentís hand, you cannot use his ability.

Nicodemus Whateley

  • Can boot to give himself a control point.
  • At sundown, or when moving home, he loses all control points, not just those gained from his ability.

Philip Swinford (Exp.1)

  • In a multiplayer game, you do not need to be in the shootout to use his ability i.e. you do not need a draw hand.


  • Only cards attached to QUATERMAN can affect its bullets.
  • Cannot use abilities that require him to boot.
  • Can go on Jobs at other locations, because it is the job rules that boot it, not the job card itself.
  • Can be brought into play elsewhere using the Stagecoach Office.
  • Can be brought into play using Recruitment Drive, but the Mad Scientist must still boot in a controlled location and pass a skill check.

Ramiro Mendoza

  • You must pay the ghost rock if Mendoza is the Leader or the Target, as per page 21 of the rulebook, as well as when he joins a posse formed by someone else.
  • You must have the ghost rock when declaring he's joining, you cannot use ghost rock gained through, for example, Irving Patterson's trait.
  • If Mendoza is wanted and his controller doesn't pay him, he is discarded (and leaves town), thus no bounty is rewarded, he was neither discarded during a shootout nor by a card ability.
  • If using an ability to move Mendoza into an existing shootout, he is still joining a posse and still demands payment.

Rémy Lapointe

  • His ability cannot raise his bullet rating above 5, even if he has bonuses from other sources such as weapons.

Rico Rodegain

  • While the replacement gang must still follow all the normal rules of a starting gang, it is still subject to modifications based on card effects from the replacement dudes e.g. including Xiaodan Li would allow the replacement gang to contain six dudes.


  • Does not enter play wanted, but once she has a bounty it cannot be reduced below the stated minimum
  • Does not grant booted dudes the ability to join a posse
  • Your dudes in her location may join a posse without booting even if she does not.
  • Must still boot to start the job if the job ability requires the leader to boot

Smiling Tom

  • Cannot form or join a posse for a job unless there is already a Fourth Ring dude at the location of the mark.

Tommy Harden

  • Trait triggers on reveal of a Cheatin' hand (step 4a above) and lasts for that round, is cumulative with other hand rank modifiers and continues to apply both if Tommy is aced or leaves the shootout and if the hand subsequently becomes legal through other card effects.

William Specks

  • As inventing a gadget requires a Mad Scientist to boot, William cannot also boot to reduce the cost of a gadget he is inventing.


1st Baptist Church

  • The extra card is gained when hands are refilled during Sundown, after Victory Conditions are checked but before effects such as Yan Li's Tailoring wear off.
  • It only affects the Play Hand, not Draw Hands.


  • Technical Errata: It should be read as "Dudes with 0 or 1 influence (excluding any modifiers from this deed) have +1 influence while at this deed."

California Tax Office

  • Sets upkeep for the following turn to zero, regardless of any changes that might occur during the remainder of the current turn.
  • The additional upkeep required for out of faction dudes also applies if you are required to pay upkeep outside of the Upkeep Phase.

Carter's Bounties

  • Can be used to move a dude into the posse from the same location, including a dude that had previously left the posse.

General Store

  • As with all card effects that attach goods and spells, the goods can be attached to a booted dude, and to a dude in a location you don't control.

Gomorra Parish

  • Cards aced are still in Boot Hill and count for Uniqueness.

Pearly's Palace

  • Using this ability, you get to make a shootout play before the normal round of shootout plays begins. Once done, shootout plays are made as per the rulebook, starting with the Winner. If you are the Winner and control Pearly's Palace, this means you get to make two consecutive shootout plays if you wish.

Stagecoach Office

  • Can be used to redirect a dude coming into play via a card effect. Should such an effect move the dude away from the location of a shootout, then unless the effect itself specifies otherwise, the dude does not join a posse and is not part of the shootout.


  • If a shootout takes place at the Undertaker, control is determined *after* each casualty arrives in Boot Hill, and so that casualty does not count their influence towards control of the deed.
  • Casualties are chosen and resolved one at a time, so after each dude is aced in a shootout, control of the Undertaker is rechecked before paying out the ghost rock.
  • If you ace a dude card from your hand, using cards such as Raising Hell, you can claim the 2 ghost rock.


A Coach Comes to Town

  • Players only get ghost rock from this job if they still have dudes in their posse at the end of the job.

A Fight They'll Never Forget

  • If a shooter leaves the shootout during the Resolution phase but remains in play, he will not receive the control points for any opposing dudes that are aced.

A Slight Modification

  • When used to prevent an ability on an action card, that action card is still discarded.
  • Costs paid to use the prevented ability are negated. Therefore any cards that were booted to use the ability are now unbooted, ghost rock is returned from the bank, and so forth.
  • The prevented ability is still considered used for the turn.


  • Check the status of the Mark each time a dude enters the leader's posse, and if the mark is not wanted at that point, raise the bounty on the dude by 1.
  • If the mark has been aced or discarded (or otherwise left play) at the point a dude enters the leader's posse, the mark cannot be wanted and therefore the bounty on the dude is increased by one.

Bad Company

  • Responsibility is defined in the same way as bounty payments, it must be the direct result of a card ability or as a shootout casualty.

Bottom Dealin'

  • After receiving your new hand from your opponent's deck, you can interact with that hand.
  • The Ghostly Gun, Pair of Six Shooters and Doyle's Hoyle can all be used to switch cards in your new hand.
  • As per the errata regarding other players cards, Fetch cannot be used to take your opponent's cards into your play hand.
  • The player who plays Bottom Dealin' chooses the suit and value of any Jokers that are revealed.

Bounty Hunter

  • The Gunslinger becomes wanted if at an opponents private location as per page 22.
  • The Gunslinger is under the control of the player that played the card.

Cheatin' Varmint

  • You may use its effect to reduce your draw hand.
  • Any player with a draw hand may have its rank reduced, even if used as a Cheatin' resolution, it does not have to be the Cheatin' hand.
  • When you play the card, choose which ability to use if either is valid, you may not use both from one copy of the card in one play.


  • If used during Shootout Resolution, the dude must be in a posse as per page 23.

Concealed Weapons

  • Technical Errata: It should be read as "Noon: Your dudes may attach goods and spells (as Shoppin') at locations you do not control, and as Shootout plays."
  • Does not allow you to attach goods or spells to a booted dude.

Election Day Slaughter

  • Players get to unboot an in town dude before declaring whether they will oppose the job.

Flight of the Lepus

  • You can select one of your dudes and one of the dudes controlled by the player with the illegal draw hand.
  • If the opposing posse includes Tyx and a Huckster, you can select Tyx, or you can select Tyx and the Huckster, but you cannot select the Huckster on its own.

Fresh Horses

  • Horses affected may use printed abilities again this turn, they are not required to do so immediately.

Good Stiff Drink

  • Allows an ability to be reused later in the turn, does not require or allow immediate use.

Hot Lead Flyin'

  • "After you take casualties" is a timing window description, not a reference to a number of casualties, and losing the round is something that can happen even taking zero casualties (for example if Sheriff Dave Montreal's trait has applied that round).


  • The ability to attach this to a booted dude at their home can only be used when the card is being played from your hand, not after it is attached to a dude.

...It's Who You Know

  • The dudes' influence is only used to determine the number of cards drawn when building your draw hand. Effects that play off bullets (e.g. Shotgun) still use the dude's bullet rating.


  • Each time a dude enters the leader's posse, raise the bounty on the dude by 1 (in addition to any bounty received for shootin' in a private location).

Magical Distraction

  • Does not replace your actual hand, does not prevent you also being hit by a Cheatin' card.
  • Sets your base hand rank for the round, modifiers still apply, changes to the content of your actual hand have no further effect (e.g. Ace in the Hole, Bottom Dealin).
  • The dude that discards the spell is not making the pull, so cannot be combined with Doyle's Hoyle.
  • You must have a dude with a spell attached in your posse in order to play the card.

Make the Smart Choice

  • You may target your own dudes with this ability.
  • The bullet penalty lasts until end of shootout, so if the dude is moved back into that shootout the penalty still applies, but the next shootout they're back to normal.

Pinned Down

  • By first casualty, this effect means the next casualty to be taken by the opposing player after this ability is played.
  • Amendment: If multiple effects have been played that claim the first casualty, the player selecting that casualty can select which applies. Once that first casualty has been chosen, any other effects currently in play that require a dude to be selected as the first casualty are ignored.
  • The required number of casualties are chosen and then each is resolved, so a Sidekick attached to a Pinned Down dude may still be used. If the dude is the only casualty, the sidekick goes when they go.
  • If there are enough other dudes or sidekicks to cover all casualties, the dude can be discarded.


  • Can be used to attach the Miracle as a shootout action, and in an uncontrolled location as both a Noon and Shootout play.

Rabbit Takes Revenge

  • If the affected dudes are due to be aced or discarded, they could not be saved by a card effect if that effect would then send them home booted, as that would result in them leaving the shootout.

Rope and Ride

  • Can be used even if your leader does not have a horse attached.

Run 'Em Down!

  • The opposing dude may already be booted.
  • You must have at least one dude in play with a horse in order to play the card.
  • Any of your dudes at the opposing dude's location may call them out, it does not have to be someone that moved in.

Swinford Finds Trouble

  • A dude in the opposing posse can be selected twice, the first time to boot him and the second to send him home.

The Stakes Just Rose

  • Can be played on a dude at the same location as the shootout but not currently in either posse, including a dude that has previously left a posse.

Takin' Ya With Me

  • Take the value at the point the card is resolved (ie, the dudes are in Boot Hill with no modifiers). There is no card memory.
  • If a casualty has not left play (e.g. thanks to Arnold McCadish) then their current Bullet value counts, including all modifiers (e.g. Weapons, Pistol Whip).
  • Must be played after loser of the round takes their casualties, but before the winner does, cannot be played after the winner takes casualties.
  • Cards without a bullet stat (such as sidekicks) count as having zero bullets for this card.
  • Token dudes that have been aced are out of play when this effect applies, and so are considered to have zero bullets.
  • Can be played even if the loser took no casualties (e.g. Dave Montreal was present), the trigger is a timing step - no casualties counts as zero bullets in this case.

This'll Hurt in the Mornin'

  • With regards to the timing of the discards, your opponent must pay the ghost rock or ace the card as their cards are discarded. Then they redraw.


  • Technical Errata: It should be read as
    • "Shootout: Choose a dude. Boot that dude and their attached cards. That dude gets -1 bullets and cannot use their abilities. Their attached cards lose all traits, abilities, and bullet bonuses."



  • Costs (including booting the mad scientist) must still be paid, so the scientist must boot in a controlled location and pass a skill check.
  • The dude carrying the AutoRevolver does not need to be in the shootout in order to draw the additional card.
  • If you have multiple Auto-Revolvers in play, each can be used to draw an additional card.

Auto Cattle-Feeder

  • The scientist does not have to be at the ranch.
  • More than one can be attached to the same deed.

Bio-Charged Neutralizer

  • Only the BCN cannot be affected by other players cards, so a Sun In Yer Eyes will still turn this dude into a draw. The BCN is not affected by cards that affect attached goods, such as Faithful Hound or Unprepared (although the latter still affects the dude carrying the BCN).

Diable en Boite

  • Cannot be used if the dude in question is saved with Lay on Hands or something similar that prevents the dude from being aced or discarded.
  • If a dude has been assigned to cover casualties, removing him from the posse with the Diable en Boite will not prevent those casualties being applied and the dude aced or discarded.

Dog's Duster

  • The dude performing the callout does not have to be the dude wearing the duster.

Doyle's Hoyle

  • Technical Errata: It should be read as:
    • React, Boot: After this dude makes a pull, discard the pull to replace it with this card.
    • Resolution, Boot: Discard a card from your draw hand to replace it with this card. If the discarded card was a 2, raise your hand rank by one.
  • If the resolution ability is used to discard a 2 from your hand, but Doyle's Hoyle does not form part of your final draw hand, you still get the bonus to your hand rank.

Fancy New Hat

  • Any preexisting influence reductions are ignored while a Fancy New Hat is equipped.
  • Once the Fancy New Hat is equipped, any subsequent influence reductions are ignored.


  • If the ability has been used, the controller must take an extra casualty if they lose the round.
  • In the event of tied hand ranks, the lowest poker hand still counts as the loser for this effect.
  • In the event of an exact tie for hand value, there is no winner or loser (e.g. identical hands).

Force Field

  • This can raise your hand rank to be equal to your opponent and force both players to take a casualty.
  • It's a +X bonus set when the ability is used the maximum +X takes into account other bonuses. Abilities played subsequently may further increase or decrease hand ranks.
  • May be used multiple times in the same round whenever hand ranks are different.

Holy Wheel Gun

  • By first casualty, this effect means the next casualty to be taken by the opposing player after this ability is played.
  • If multiple effects have been played that claim the first casualty, the player selecting that casualty can select which applies. Once that first casualty has been chosen, any other effects currently in play that require a dude to be selected as the first casualty are ignored.

Idol of Tlazolteotl

  • To determine whether the new deed is legal, examine whether the card could attach to the deed when it first entered play. If it could, it is legal to move the attached card to that deed.

Outlaw Mask

  • A dude may equip more than one Outlaw Mask.

Pair of Six-Shooters

  • If this makes your hand illegal and you have not been hit by a Cheatin' card this resolution phase, you may now be.
  • Can be used during Lowball.
  • If the modified card is discarded, it immediately reverts to its original value for the purposes of any effects that check the value of the discarded card.

Plasma Drill

  • If a player Plasma Drills a 0 production deed, the owner cannot refuse to pay zero ghost rock in order to discard the deed.

Quickdraw Handgun

  • Any bonuses applied to your hand rank before this switches hands are applied to your new hand - they do not follow your draw hand to the other player.

Telepathy Helmet

  • If a dude wearing this is hit by Unprepared, the dude is not affected but the Helmet is now blanked. Subsequent shootout actions can therefore affect this dude, including a second Unprepared.


Ace in the Hole

  • Can be used as a reaction during a shootout by a Huckster not in the shootout, the rule of presence only applies to Resolution and Shootout actions.


  • If used to bring a Joker into your hand, the Joker is not aced.
  • Cannot be used to put another player's card into your play hand.
  • Can be used to put Ghostly Gun, Doyle's Hoyle, and similar cards that have been added to your draw hand via Resolution plays, back into your play hand.

Holy Roller

  • The +1 bullets applies for the duration of the shootout.
  • Protection from being chosen as a casualty applies to the current round only.

Lay On Hands

  • The dude must always be at or adjacent to the Blessed's location.

Mirror, Mirror

  • Can be cast on a dude with the same bullet type as the Huckster.


  • Can be used to take control of an opposing dude that you already have a copy of in play.
  • If you have puppeted an opposing dude, you can still play your own copy of that dude as you don't have a copy in play that you own.
  • If you puppet an opposing dude, and then overlay it with an experienced version, you retain control of that dude after Sundown because control reverts to the owner, which is now you.

Raising Hell

  • If your Boot Hill contains multiple copies of the same unique Abomination (e.g. through Ace in the Hole) then that Abomination cannot enter play.
  • The Abomination that enters play may be the card aced from your draw hand.
  • The Abomination joins the hucksters posse therefore enters play at the location of the shootout.

Shield of Faith

  • Cannot prevent dude cards in a draw or play hand from being aced.