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Land Exploit (Infinite Ghost Rock)

Description by the author: ironcache 171

A somewhat-playable Proof-Of-Concept deck that outlines (ab)using Land Purchase to make infinite money.

How it works:

  1. Leave the left side of the street empty (or the right side, if you're a goddamned heathen).
  2. Chess around with 108 Gracious Gifts/Asakichi Cooke, get them to a position where they're booted out.
  3. Run Land Purchase with Irving Patterson (or anyone, if Baird's Debt Collections is controlled).
  4. Use Land Purchase's effect to put in play another Land Purchase (on the empty side of the street, adjacent to home).
  5. Use T'ou Chi Chow with the newly-build Land Purchase (noting that the boot requirement on Land Purchase is for the leader of the job, not the deed) to unboot your job runner (who is home booted after the job, adjacent to the new Land Purchase).
  6. Repeat from 3 (perpetually collecting Irving/Baird bucks).

Use this money to:

In another (better?) deck, this could also be used to:

Thanks for listening to my TEDTalk. Hope you enjoyed.

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