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No Law But God's Law - Gencon 2019

Description by the author: JPridgen89 16

This is the current form of my first self-made deck that I brought to GenCon 2019 to play in my first actual tournament! Well actually due to a schedule conflict I only got to play in 2 rounds but still had a fantastic time! The deck has gone through a lot of changing and tweaking (With a lot of help from the discord) to get where it is today

The deck focuses on high mobility and plenty of cheap replaceable dudes to control the board and drag the opponent out of position. It uses Ol' Howard to fetch The Joker's Smile and keep Jokers cycling through the deck constantly, which I've found can lead to a very effective shootout engine. I've also tried to add in a little more synergy with Walters Creek Distillery and Forster Cooke to take advantage of always having a saloon/casino on the board and build up the economy/bullets.

I've found Amazing Grace and Walk the Path work fantastically together to let you control where shootouts happen and how much you have to commit to them, which can be really essential since the initial starting posse often can't compete in straight bullets against more immediately aggressive decks. The deck excels at forcing the other player to pull their dudes out of position and start shootouts where you're in a better position. You definitely want to be playing out deeds to force the opponent to spread out as soon as possible.

The deck doesn't generally start with much ghost rock, but none of the miracles cost anything and almost all of the dudes and deeds are cheap enough to play on the first few turns.

Overall I was very happy with how the deck played, and I feel like it's gotten to a place where it feels effective and competitive even if I'm still a bit of a novice pilot most of the time. I won 1 of my 2 matches, but both were very close interesting games that could have gone either way,

HoMF felt extremely powerful to me, both for the mobility it grants and the card cycling. Even if the opponent took away The Joker's Smile, just shuffling in Unprepared or Ricochet to keep those cards in my hand constantly felt very potent. The home also worked very well with Epidemic Laboratory allowing me to get more use out of the dude who ran the job.

The deck is by no means ideal or finished, so I'm definitely open to suggestions on how to make it more effective. Consecration felt a little weaker than the other miracles, usually firing during lowball to turn Xiaodan or Henry into a serious threat, which was nice when it worked but could be replaced with something more consistent.

Input and questions welcome!

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