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Abominable horde, test phase

Description by the author: Bojangles 1

Hey folks! :)

Okay, so this is a work in progress, I'm wanting people's feedback on how you think I should streamline/improve it. These are the following cards I'm pondering at this stage, although am open to other ideas: Avie Cline (Exp.1) Skinwalker The Faceless One Junior The Caretaker The Harvester Kevin Wainwright (Exp.1) Tonton Macoute Rosenbaum's Golem

I want to create a horde type deck, representing a huge force of monsters and manitou invading the land. As soon as the gangs have taken some out, more rise up to take their place. However, these summonings are brought about more through dark tech than hucksters, hence the mad science. I want to win by swarming, but also have some decent dudes in the gang. Because of that, most of my shootout abilities are to do with bringing more guys in, rather than modifying the hand rank. Also, I like the idea of jobs, to represent the monsters being mobile.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Do I have too many recursion cards? I kinda want about 20 dudes, but maybe that's too many? I wouldn't know which ones to cut away! Haha!

I mostly play with friends, and none of us go for the extreme 16x3 builds. Rather the decks are built around the playstyles. However, I have quite a few K and 8 cards, so I can aim for 4-5 of a kind or at least full houses.

Anyway, so any help is greatly appreciated. :)

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