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Description by the author: theledgerman 19

First attempt at Abominations in First Peoples. Check out the video series to see how it came together:

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by RichCarter 278

I will admit to being a little worried in the design phases about Yet Another low cost, no upkeep Influence source for the Anarchists. But this is their only 0 upkeep dude on a 4, and an ability to […]

by jaythejester 406

Why I feel Plasma Drill is not worth playing. Self failing with less than a Mad Science 3. Playing a number of cards to increase your mad science allow you to succeed playing Plasma Drill, but that […]

by crx3800 69

As of 9/26, it has been determined that A Slight Modification can be used to cancel an ability such as "Thunder Boy" Nabbe and that ability can NOT be used a second time that shootout because the […]

by Findegil 5

Curiously, one possible counter to this card is to use the Bayou Vermilion Railroad ability on your own deeds as the first action, temporarily sacrificing a little CPs/income to make sure your […]

by RichCarter 278

Knowledge is power. Only this and Telepathy Helmet give you unrestricted access to the contents of your opponent's hand. Are they sitting on two shootout actions and two Cheating Resolutions? Avoid […]