Doomtown: Reloaded on OCTGN

You can play Doomtown: Reloaded online using the OCTGN platform. Doomtown plugin is coded by db0, most cards and actions are scripted, you can upload images, and it's generally pretty quick and easy to play online, once you're familiar with the interface. This guide will help you with that, it covers everything from installation to hotkeys.


First read the general instructions on how to install OCTGN.

Once you're done, go to 'Play or Spectate' and see if there are any open games of Doomtown available. If yes, Join, and if no, Create a game and wait for someone to join.

Gettin' Started

The Golden Rule of playing on OCTGN:

If hotkeys are not working, make sure that the game board is active, not the chat window. Just click anywhere on the game board, and press the hotkey again.

Once you're in the game, open "File -- Load a deck". Wait for your opponent to do the same and see what faction they're playing. See if you're okay with your starting posse. If not, right-click your Deck and choose "Look at -- All cards". Now manually drag the dudes you want into your hand, making sure that their combined cost does not exceed you starting wealth. When you're ready, press:

  • CTRL+R - Ready!

Check the chat window to see if your opponent is also ready, say hi, and then press:

  • CTRL+SHIFT+S - Setup

Look at the cards in your hand. Now is your chance to use your Grifter's ability, if you have one in your starting posse. For that, hover the mouse cursor over the Grifter and press:

  • CTRL+Z - Use ability

You're all set now, so let's move on to the next phase:

Gamblin' & Upkeep

  • CTRL+Q - Lowball

When you and your opponent play lowball, if the hand ranks are different, the system announces the winner. If both players have the same hand rank, you need to determine the winner yourselves (i.e. four Aces beat four Kings in lowball; if both values are the same, compare the highest card).

Now, if you see a red circle with an exclamation mark, it means that player cheated, and their opponent may punish them for it by playing a Cheatin' Resolution. Note that regular Resolutions cannot be played during lowball. If you cannot or do not want to play anything, pass:

  • CTRL+Space - Pass

After both players pass consequtivel, the lowball winner claims 2 ghost rock by pressing:

  • CTRL+W - Win lowball

Then both players need to pay their upkeep:

  • CTRL+U - Upkeep

If you have a dude with upkeep (say, Steven Wiles or Bobo) and you don't want to pay their salary, you need to discard them. Either right-click a dude and choose "Discard dude", or just hover the cursor over them and press DEL. Note that if you actually cannot afford their upkeep, a pop-up window will ask which dude you want discard.

High Noon

The lowball winner gets a special red marker on their outfit card. They can now make the first noon play.

To play a dude, a deed, or an action, just double-click a card in your hand. If you played an action, give the opponent some time to read the card, then discard it from the table (hover + press DEL). If it's a job, don't remove it until it's fully resolved. Some actions (and all goods and spells) require a target:

  • SHIFT+Click - Target

To move a dude, right-click them and choose "Announce move without booting" or "Announce move by booting", then manually drag the card to its new location.

If you happen to take control of an opponent's deed after moving, right-click it and choose "Take Control". If it's the other way around, "Pass Control" to the opponent.

To use a location (say, Morgan Cattle Co. or General Store), target a card in your hand (deed / goods), target a dude, then hover over a location and use its ability by pressing CTRL+Z.

To trade goods between dudes, target the recipient and the goods, then right-click the current owner and choose "Trade goods to another dude" (or press CTRL+T). Remember that each goods can only change hands once per turn!


To call out a dude, target them, then double-click your unbooted dude at the same location (or right-click your dude and choose "Call out target dude".)

If your dude has been called out, double-click him to accept, or press ESC to refuse and run home booted.

If the callout is accepted, the attacker forms a posse by double-clicking on any dudes in this location, plus any unbooted dudes in adjacent locations (double-click them again to boot them, and drag them to the location of the shootout). Once you're done, inform your opponent by pressing CTRL+R ("I'm Ready!"). The defender then does the same.

If you made a dude join but then decided that he shouldn't be in the posse, right-click him and choose "Posse/Job/Callout reactions - Remove dude from posse" (or press CTRL+N).

If the shootout takes place in a private location, all intruders get a bounty on their heads. Hover over each dude and press:

  • ALT+W - Bounty

The lowball winner has the first chance to make a shootout play. Select any necessary targets, then double-click a card in your hand, or hover over a card in play and press CTRL+Z. If you've got nothing, pass. The opponent then does the same.

Once both players have passed consecutively, choose your lead shooter (target your dude, usually a stud with the highest bullet rating) and announce the amount of bullets you've got in your posse in the following format:

    [5 base + X] stud + Y draw

So, if you choose a 2-stud as the shooter, and you've got three more dudes in your posse, one stud and two draws, then you should say: "8+2".

Now, right-click your Deck and choose "Draw cards to Draw Hand" (or press CTRL+X), and enter the corresponding number. Then, right-click your Draw Hand (in between your Play Hand and your Deck) and choose "Look at -- All card". Target (shift+click) any card than you want to redraw, then double-clicke of them. This will replace all targeted cards with new ones. To discard without redrawing, double-click any cards without targeting them. Discard down to five cards in hand, then close the window and double-click your Draw Hand (right-click it and choose "Reveal shootout hand").

Once both players do this, draw hands are revealed. If the ranks are different, the winner is anounced in the log, along with the number of casualties the loser has to take. If the ranks are the same, both players have to take a single casualty, but you still need to determine the winner by comparing hands (four Kings beat four Aces).

The lowball winner gets the first opportunity to play Resolutions or pass. Things can get nasty here, hand ranks might change and dudes might get aced before the final outcome of the shootout is determined. Remember that if during this phase one posse becomes empty (e.g. wiped out completely by Coachwhip! or Point Blank) then the shootout immediately ends without the opposing party taking any casualties at all!

After both players pass consequtively during the Resolution phase, the loser of the shootout takes casualties first - hover over a dude and press DEL (discard) or CTRL+A (ace). Then the winner takes casualties if they must (if the hand ranks are tied, or if the loser plays Takin' Ya With Me or Hot Lead Flyin').

After that, the loser chooses to either stay and keep fighting (say "Staying" or press CTRL+R) or flee (right-click any surviving dudes and choose "Posse/Job/Callout reactions -- Run home booted", or press ESC and move your dudes home booted manually). Then the winner makes that choice (even if the loser's posse flees or is wiped out). Remember that you can choose some dudes to flee and others to stay.

If both players decide to stay, proceed to the new round of shootout (start with making Shootout plays). If either posse fled or was wiped out, press:

  • F10 - End the shootout

Back to High Noon. If both players have nothing else to do and pass consecutively, it's time to move to the final phase:


First, check the control state of deeds in case you forgot to change it after the last shootout or maneuvering. If you did, you can press:

  • CTRL+C - Calculate control & influence

Finally, choose a card in your play hand that you don't want to keep (if any) and discard it. Then press:

  • CTRL+S - Sundown

This will refill your hand and unboot all of your cards in play. Wait for the opponent to do the same, then proceed to lowball (CTRL+Q). A new day has come to Gomorra!

List of hotkeys

  • CTRL+SHIFT+S - Setup
  • CTRL+R - Ready!
  • CTRL+Space - Pass
  • CTRL+Q - Lowball
  • CTRL+W - Win lowball
  • CTRL+U - Upkeep
  • CTRL+Z - Use ability
  • CTRL+C - Calculate control & influence
  • CTRL+S - Sundown
  • ALT+W - Bounty
  • F10 - End the shootout


  • CTRL+N - Remove from posse
  • CTRL+T - Trade Goods to target dude
  • CTRL+X - Draw a draw hand