Action • Cost 0

Cheatin' Resolution Technique: Draw a card. You may send a dude at this location home booted. If this is a shootout, reduce your casualties by 1 and increase your opponent's casualties by 1. If your hand is legal, this dude gets +1 bullets and +1 influence until Sundown.

• Paul (Prof.) Herbert • Hell's Comin' With Me #56
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I have the Deadlands roleplaying game, all the editions, and when it come to Kung Fu, this is one of the maneuvers that just has the coolest name.

So then, how to incorporate it into the Doomtown mechanics???

The Bull Demon techniques already gave us kung fu tricks for casualty mitigation, so I didn't want to crowd that design space.

But the Kung Fu bag of tricks did not yet have a Cheatin' Resolution in their arsenal, so I thought I would try that.

... But we also knew we were aiming for a high value kung Fu technique, and that can really be a hard sell if a card cannot pass its own check. So this needed to be magically powerful.

Seizing the Pearl of Death is a spectacle to behold. It replaces itself, it dazzles and confounds a nearby onlooker. AND it causes a 2 casualty swing in the shootout, as you return the leaden pearl to sender. And if you can do all of this and stay legal, the legend of your kung fu master sticks with her for the rest of the day. (alas Doomtown memories are short, and tomorrow only the opposing player will remember what you did to them)