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DMH Bayou Vermilion

Description by the author: shosuro006 2

No idea why I chose this home. This deck has lots of hucksters but I have no spells. I think my main avenue for victory was to confuse my opponents. Typically just play La Quema on every stud I have in play that I can, beef up Zeb since he is my starter and hope I draw into a DMH early and often. I played this deck about 3 times during the recent DTO League run by Prodigy and got a lucky win in the finals. The base of this deck was totally copied from the Entrican's DMH deck:

Pine Box Entertainment

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by RichCarter 392

the core of the idea behind this dude is the ongoing interconnection of the Anarchist dudes. and their multitude of themes. Huang Li might not fit into a proper Kung Fu deck with his big king value, […]

by RichCarter 392

Prize card for Marshal winner Jonathan "Chase" Causey - known on some boards as Kamacausey. He wanted something that did that sort of suicide charge. placed the timing on the Resolution window […]

by davido 101

@db0 relevant fiction - Drew Beauman salvages QP: This story was the result of a 'save or damn' storyline event series where players could vote to save or condemn […]

0 Tawodi
by Dzastus 1

RichCarter but booted dude cant start job. Combine with Eagle Wardens and you can grab key shootout actions, then run Tawodi's job to bring your card finding dude home; stealing a page from the […]

by RichCarter 392

Our first 5 stud - sort of. following the tragic death of his sister, Bai Yang Chen has taken a vow of poverty. And he encourages you to take the vow with him. Each card in your hand reduces that […]