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16-16 Aggro Regulator Horses

Description by the author: kollatt 484

Pine Box Entertainment

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Pinebox Entertainment has ruled, that this card only interacts with effects that "take" ghost rock, but not ones that tell you to "pay" or "give" ghost rock. As of this writing, there is only one […]

by Attrezzo 2

Notable Ruling: If a Totem's ability refers to "this location", it means Kabeda's location. Source After noting the ruling above it's easy to see why she can be an essential part of a totem deck. […]

by soulblight 72

Technical Errata from Rules Compendium v0.8.0 published July 6, 2018: Tom can only move to your home or to a location that has another dude. This makes Smiling Tom in line with the Faction update in […]

by soulblight 72

February 13, 2018 - Nicodemus Whateley Errata wording reads: While your dudes are at in-town deeds, they gain the ability: “Noon, Boot: If this dude has 1 or more […]

by soulblight 72

February 13, 2018 - Showboating has been banned and will no longer be a legal card for organised play events. From Design Team, Emre Guzelsu: Showboating’s ban stems from […]