Dog Man's Hand

published Jun 12, 2015 | | |
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Whizzwang 283

Fairly Basic DMH LD deck.

Shooter values are A / 7 / 8 (14/13/14)

Why not Jacks?

The only relevent Jack for a DMH is Diamonds. The deck includes 4 of those to hit the DMH but is not heavily invested to allow for more utility from 7's (Kidnap, Pinto, Blake Ranch) - You don;t actually need to invest in jacks to make a DMH work.

Try not to start the A value dudes to increase draw power for your shootouts. If they telegraph slide you don't need a strong shooter so you can start Jake, Clem, Lucy, Tommy, Phil for my favourite 7inf anti-slide set up.

Faster on the Draw saves you from SIYE on Wendy / Tommy.

pair of Six Shooters gives you more chances at the DMH if they cheat. You want to get a pair on Tommy and Wendy ASAP.