Legendary Kung Fu

published Nov 10, 2015 | | |
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Csonti 65

This deck helped me to win a national online league and finish first place during the regular season of the OCTGN DTR League.

The mechanics are simple. You start with a lot of money (7 or 9 depending lowball) and can put some pressure on the enemy from the start. Actions and goods provide more than enough resource to combat anybody, anywhere. Bai can camp at the enemy's gate with the help of Jac quite safely. Even if things go south, you can still sacrifice one or two lowly dudes and continue with your plans. And if you happen to find the Legendary Holster, it is usually game over time...

...except against landslide but there Hiram and his 0 Inf friends can cut the economy of the enemy for quite a few turns meanwhile you can bring up more dudes with real Inf to capture the most critical places for real.