This holdup will hurt in the morning.

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jaythejester 460

This deck is built for big bullets, and stealing your opponents Ghost rock. 'This is a Holdup' can tank an economy, as not only should you be blocking their production, you'll be taking GR from your opponent. 'This'll Hurt in the Mornin'' is very often an extremely good cheatin' resolution, but it can also often steal GR from your opponent if they are unwilling to ace the cards you pick. A dude they can't afford, or ace out from the deck, is a dude you don't have to fight. Keep their GR low enough and you can pull jobs with Allie exp1 to essentially kidnap.

Most of the rest of the deck is about getting huge stud ratings. For bullets, your melee weapons, and Charlie's place will boost your numerous stud dudes. Bad Company turns the likes of The Fixer, Fred, or Allie xp1 into massive studs, while Pearl handled revolvers make them permanent studs. Additionally.

Lastly are shootout actions to weaken your opponent's chances. Unprepared, Pistol Whip, and Sun in Yer Eyes for putting their shooters out. Because, if you're going to act like a big threat, taking control of your opponents locations, and stealing their GR, you're going to get into fights.

Starting Posse is variable. Start Fixer, Fred, Makaio, Marion, Rico (leaving 1, not -1). Grift Rico, to look whether your opponent has a cheat'n resolution, and to tell what kind of deck they are running. Drop Marion and Fred for barton or milt. Fixer to find anything else that looks best against your opponent, then drop the Fixer. So far, in game trials, it seems getting allie out too early is a detriment to your momentum.

This deck should try to bleed them dry, than go in for the kill with allie when you clearly have the advantage, and a good amount of shootout actions built up into your hand.

The big weaknesses for this deck are cheatin' punishments, power spells like paralysis mark, and opponents that play very strong resolution cards. Also, if opponents refuse to play any deeds, or are capable of functioning easily at 0 gr, this is a hold up can clog you up.

Over all, I feel like there is something to this deck, but it keeps falling just short of many of the power builds. I really want some feedback on this deck idea.

Jan 18, 2016 DoomDog

I played around with a similar idea with Law Dogs Blessed, combining economy damage with movement tricks. It looks like a style that's been slowly getting more support I had Tummy Twister in the 8 of Clubs slot, Extortion and This'll Hurt in the Mornin'. I could move dudes to deeds, steal money then use Walk the Path to bring them home and Rev. Perry Inbody to unboot them so they could continue the 'good work'. It functioned well in testing but got dismantled without getting a tournament runout as I needed some of the cards for a different deck so I can't really say how strong it was. I don't have the list on here, but I can try and recreate it.

Jan 18, 2016 Whizzwang

No place Backroom Deals to steal the guys they can't pay for?

Jan 18, 2016 jaythejester

I really thought about that card. It can make allie's upkeep go away, or, as you said, take control of a dude. Ultimately, it came down to tightening draw structure and favoring useful shootout actions. I do have a deck in the works that uses backroom, tummy twister and phantasm.

Jan 18, 2016 Whizzwang

I've been running that for a few weeks. It's not quite there yet. Deiberate Infection helps but needs something else to really make it shine