We Shall Not Be Moved

published May 21, 2016 | | |
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Ravensteve 7

Took this to an OP kit today and managed to go 3/1 in 4 tough matches with it, so can't be all bad.

Played against T4R, Crusaders, Den and Spirit Fortress and lost to the last one because I hadn't played against SF with this deck yet, and didn't really know how to deal with it.

Not a particularly complicated deck - you find a Yagn's and a Revolver and then just go from there.

  • Luke means you can move your Neutralizers around, but also sitting him in the town square means you can move a gadget from pretty much anywhere in-town to where you need it to be.

  • Specks and Wagner are just your Gadget engine, churning out two gadgets a turn, and Specks just means you're saving money on them (and most of the deeds you want to play). Usually they're the ones sitting with Auto-Revolvers at home.

  • Jen is a beast once she gets a Yagn's. 4 stud and 3 inf that can't be moved or booted means you can just sit her in an enemy deed and it's a real problem to get her out of there.

  • Irving just because he's 2 inf for 3 cost, why not? He can also be a bit of a money-maker once he's got a revolver and you can throw him and Jen into a fight and come out pretty well.

No space obviously for a Grifter. Travis was in there before but it's hard to get a bad opening had with this deck, and Luke is just too good not to have.

The gadgets don't really need much explanation, Auto-Revolver is silly good when you get multiple going, Yagn's is bonkers as well and with Luke being a thing, so is Neutralizer. The only downside is that I can only reliably use my home ability on the Revolvers and Secured Stockyard, which is why the QDHs may change into Force-Fields, as it can combo well with INWYK if you have the money.

The clubs also come quite naturally: Pinned down allows you to snipe key characters, also combining well with INWYK, even if it's to reduce them down to your rank to get that dude discarded. Speaking of which, INWYK may just be one of the best cards in the game. A massive hit if they cheat, but one rank as well can make the difference even if it's to take them from 2 to 3 casualties so you can get that extra discard. Kidnapping allows aggression from pretty much anywhere, especially good if they're sitting key characters at home. This'll Hurt is one of the better cheatin' resolutions, but I think may get cut for 2 more A Slight Modifications because this card wins shootouts. The most use you'll see is stopping Shotguns dead in their tracks, as with 4 of your dudes being A/2 to start with, Shotguns can be a real problem. Yagn's does fix this in some cases, but having an extra two ASMs in the deck would really neutralise some of the bigger threats out there.

The only dudes I'll mention are JW and Dead Billy. JW is fantastic when you give him a Yagn's. 4 stud and 2 inf for no upkeep is great and means he can lead aggressive actions leaving Jen to do what she needs to. Dead Billy is also bonkers when Luke delivers him a Neutralizer at a whopping 5-stud. He's also nifty when you're making probing aggressive action - you can throw him in with some draw in support, probably Luke or Irving if I want the money, have a good chance at doing well, and then even if you draw or lose by one you can send Billy home booted and then run awaaay!

The deck shoots pretty well, being 14/13/13, and can hit legal 4OaKs with frequency. Sometimes you will get stuck with a hands that make you cheat, but you can generally take them on the nose. I try not to cheat ever, personally, unless they've got only a couple of cards in hand and I can afford to take some losses. In the end though, Auto-Revolver makes the draw structure bonkers. With your studs you're generally drawing 8-9 cards, ditching 1 then drawing 2/3 more, most of the time that 1 is either a Yagn's or a King you don't want.

There's a few changes I want to make, like putting in Lane Healey instead of Longstride, as well as changing the Ks to Ornithopters, as SHB effects can hit this deck in the face if you're not careful, but Irving has been known to win some shootouts on his own!