Eagles Marshall 10th place Straight Flushes all round

published Jun 06, 2016 | | |
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jhandy 113

This deck is designed for the mid to late game. It starts by continually playing dudes with influence and no upkeep to thin the deck out with the help of buried treasures. Once the deck is down to 30 cards you can go out and fight with a few studs and alot of draws. I believe i flipped one or two "not SF" all day after using coming up roses when needed. The deeds are purposefully no CP(high stakes exception) so my opponent has little incentive to come to my deeds. they have to actively win as i wont help them.

Jun 06, 2016 LordManHammer

Best deck idea I played against all day! Well done and I hope to see you succeed with something similar like this :-D

Jun 07, 2016 db0

What do you do for control points if Allie bites it?

Jun 07, 2016 jhandy

@LordManHammer Thanks very much. Im already working on a V2. just need to beat those legal 5oaks. @db0Besides allie, I tended to have a single dude running the epidemic once I had all my dudes camped in the centre. I may look at running some form of call out card for future versions. The only reason for running two "clocks" has been because of decks with high influence meaning going to time could be tricky

Jun 07, 2016 LordManHammer

No Funny Stuff after you devolved your deck as much as possible?

Jun 08, 2016 Prodigy

What sorts of cards do you typically ace with Buried Treasure?

If you are looking to keep your clubs that means you're acing dudes or deeds. I am guessing it is usually dudes that end up being aced, but I also imagine there are lots of times when you don't want to ace anything in your hand. Is that true?

Jun 09, 2016 jhandy

Typically it was actually deeds I'd ace as the total upkeep of the deck is 5 (one of which is Androcles). It also depended on the matchup as to what I aced, for example against alot of slide decks I could afford to ace my edge value clubs (4s and 10s) as a legal flush would win a fight against a slide deck. Against aggressive decks i'd ace deeds and then dudes which values matched with the cantrip cards such as my 8s and 6s. Eagle wardens would usually ace a deed or discard a card if i ever used it. I mainly chose EW due to the no upkeep inf they can afford.

Jun 10, 2016 Harlath

A fine deck! One of the best straight flush decks I've ever seen. I'll confess I previously considered this draw structure easy prey - the good use of the home ability, buried treasure and Comin' Up Roses together with stacking the deck with dudes with no upkeep has forced me to rethink, I had a very tough match against this in the Marshal tournament.

Epidemic laboratory even gives it a fairly safe win condition, given your opponent's justifiable fear of crossing town square to face you!