Quickdraw LeMats

published Sep 14, 2016 | | |
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Nathanator 10

There is no decks on dtdb already like this so here it is. do a three pair with LeMat Revolver and if they cheat switch hands with Quickdraw Handgun. i dont know if tens is the best draw structure though. also you need eight bullets with two lemats before you should do a three pair

Sep 15, 2016 tbowers13

I like the idea for this deck. I just think it might be too much cheating punishment without enough ways to force your opponent to cheat. The dudes at 10 are great and so is Unprepared but I think you're better off with more copies of Scoop Hound to soak up casualties rather than Jael's Guile. You already have 8 on the board cheatin resolutions and 3 from hand resolutions. I'b be tempted to cut the This'll Hurts too for more Bounty Hunters or even Reserves or Rumors. Both can always be played for free to cycle through your deck faster and see more cards. Your dudes are pretty expensive so Reserves might actually be helpful to you.

Sep 15, 2016 DoomDog

I'd consider dropping a Quickdraw Handgun or two for Pedro - a 0 cost sidekick.