Oddities 10+Q+K (4th OCTGN League - 2nd place)

published Nov 02, 2016 | | |
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mplain 1642

This is the deck I've played during the last week of the 4th OCTGN League.

In the finals I used a slightly tweaked version, running 2x All Or Nothing, 2x No Turning Back, 3x Blood Curse, and 1x Soul Cage.

This deck is incredibly resilient, it can lose many shootouts and still crawl out of the boot hill and steal the win. However it doesn't have many ways to force shootouts, and it couldn't beat a reliable hand rank 9 that I had to face in the final game. Still, in timed tournament games it shouldn't come to that, and you have a horrendous amount of influence if you can dominate the town square. Good deck!

Thanks @Prodigy for hosting the leage, props for winning it, and thanks @swider for recording the games! :)

Nov 02, 2016 swider

Very strong deck I like it verastility. Shows exactly why Ivor XP is the best leader in the game. I usually do not ask for cards that aren't in a deck, but I am a bit surprised that Horace Manse isn't there, did you consider adding him to make sure that you have one more option of getting out Ivor from boot hill, especially that this synergises well with Buried Treasure?

Nov 02, 2016 mplain

I don't remember ever having Ivor in the boot hill. It case that happens, I have Soul Cage and Raising Hell to get him back. And I don't like the idea of playing a card that makes me lose 3 influence. But yeah, Horace could work too. He might be more flexible than other choices, and I can always send him on a suicide mission to give Karl his influence back.

Nov 02, 2016 Prodigy

Very strong deck - possibly the most resilient deck I've seen. I can't think of another deck that can have so many of its dudes aced, and all come back with relative ease. These abominations are truly 'harrowed', constantly coming back from the dead like an endless plague of zombies!

My biggest initial fear going into the OCTGN finals was: Point Blank. Has that ever been part of your build in previous versions? I can see Nightmare at Noon being a better choice for the average game, especially with all the Calling The Cavalry decks these days...

Nov 02, 2016 mplain

I did play Point Blank at some point, to some success. But I also didn't like the restrictions that it imposed of having a stud standing. I thought that Nightmare at Noon would be efficient against your deck because without studs you wouldn't have a good enough structure to draw flushes. Well that didn't work out... Yeah, ways to get rid of your dudes without winning shootouts, e.g. Takin' Ya With Me and Point Blank, would help me greatly in our games.

Nov 02, 2016 jaythejester

I see this deck is up through Showstopper. Would you consider The Caretaker for this deck?

Nov 02, 2016 mplain

What for? Defending my home? :) The Caretaker cannot defend the town square without a Buffalo Rifle. Doesn't seem worth it.