Return of the Bloody Freaks (4th OCTGN League - Top4)

published Nov 03, 2016 | | |
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Csonti 65

I played with this deck almost exclusively through the 4th OCTGN league with some tweaks here and there. Reached the semis where I got beaten by 2-1 thanks to @mplain's clever hatedecking manuever. Interestingly @mplain and me crafted very similar decks independently, so the semi mirror option wasn't really fun either.

The difference between his ( and my version is that this one has some serious CP-generating potential. It was not uncommon that I could lay down 3 CP's for 5-6 GRs in a single turn. No Turning Back is an excellent economy card in this deck when used as a Noon play. The Union Casino could also be easily transformed into a CP-factory during the final stage of the game.

I also would like to try and run Foreboding Glance which is an interesting card. Helps you lock down some important dudes while they try to cross the TS and they think they are safe because you only have booted dudes there. It is also useful to force fights in case you can find a way to get some bounties up and running. Having said that I had a feeling that this slot could be used better in most of the games with some other options like Nightmare at Noon or even an off-value anything.

All praise should be given to @prodigy who not only organized this fantastic league but also won it in the end. And a big honorable mention goes to @swider for acting as a catalyst and streaming master all the way.