Old-Fashioned Dogs: 2/4/Straight Flush (World Champion 2018)

published May 09, 2018 | | |

Redgar 170

It is, perhaps, no secret that Law Dogs are Good. Not just in terms of motivations, but ever since The Man, The Myth, The Legend THUNDER BOY and the recently-deceased Hattie DeLorre hit town squares all over the world, Law Dogs have rocketed up the rankings.

Those of you who have played me before, or checked out prior iterations of this deck on DTDB, will find little new or surprising. I've gone up to including two new There Comes a Reckoning cards: Mr. Johnny Brocklehurst (of course, whose Cool Art was first seen during the Servitor series), but also now Taff's Distillery. I discovered at Pax Unplugged that the The Mayor's Office was a liability more than a help, and I wanted to increase my chances of pulling legal 4-o-a-K's when fishing for 2's. This proved to be a good choice.

The other change is swapping We Got A Beef! in for my singleton Cookin' Up Trouble. This might be a meta choice, depending on how tight your opponents play. I can't say I noticed a huge difference, only drawing it once all day (IIRC). It offered the possibility of some nice 'defensive' shenanigans when camping on Doomdog's deeds, however, and I was glad to have drawn it even if it didn't see play.

I was lucky to face gracious and skilled opponents all day. I'll have the 'round by round' up in another forum in the not-too-distant, but for now I wanted to get this posted so the powers-that-be can start printin' wanted posters on behalf of the new Marshal in town. ;)