Mechanical Heart v2 (Tombstone Series Event Winning Deck)

published Jun 11, 2018 | | |
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TybarSunsong 74

The only change between this and the last version of the deck was swapping out the Agent for Luke. The extra starting rock is nice, and having Luke around to finagle gadgets was always helpful.

This deck is all about focusing on getting as many gadgets and deeds out as you can, in roughly that order. Be prepared to turtle for one day at least, though you can shootout if you can get at least four stud and you're sitting on an ASM.

Jun 11, 2018 Prodigy

Well done! If you have time I'd love to hear the decks you face and how the games went :)

Jun 11, 2018 TybarSunsong

I'll try to do as best I can on it:

Overall it was a small tournament, 5 players and the TO (who played whoever had the Bye that round in a friendly match). Most of us were rusty, and one player had just a base set or two.

1st Match was against a Law Dogs gadget deck (I don't honestly recall the home right now. I don't think he used it).

The first day or three went by quickly. He played a couple of deeds and invented a couple of Holy Wheel Guns and QUATERMEN, all the while I was inventing, and fishing for an ASM for the fight I knew was coming up. Thankfully, I found one, we had a good shootout, and I was able to knock out half of his influence, but from there, it was a bit of chess and one quick shootout to let me capture enough deeds to secure a win. He was pretty aggressive on camping my out of town deeds, which did make me nervous for a bit, but Specks was pulling double-duty for a bit.

2nd round was the gentleman with only one base set, playing Morgan, semi-slide, with at least one or two gadgets. Again, I built up over a turn or two, then went hunting for his dudes. I was able to ace a couple of dudes, then chessed to victory.

3rd Round was a match against my wife with her new abomination deck. This one was the trickiest, as she knew how I played, and I knew how she played. She got out an Epidemic Lab on the first turn and ran the job over the next two days while I built up. After that, I headed over to her side of the board to take the Lab, and we had a bit of a messy fight, though thanks to a lack of cheating on my part, I was able to make it through okay while taking out her Brute.

Then she dropped Ivor and brought the Brute back with him. We started for another fight, but by that point, she had to bow out (she had gotten a concussion the previous weekend, and her head was finally catching up to her). We were pretty sure I would have won, but I still think she would have made me earn it if she was feeling better.

Things I've learned from this:

  1. Jael's Guile has a neat interaction with QUATERMAN, in that they will have to boot and discard other dudes over the mechanical man.
  2. Devil's Six Gun is a great card, and worked out better than I thought in several shootouts.
  3. It was tricky to figure out how best to boot gadgets in order to maximize use of the gadget, use with ASM, and keeping a gadget weapon handy for Hellstromme (whom I forgot a couple of times).

The group was friendly, and I gave some feedback for a couple of the decks I faced.

Jun 12, 2018 Harlath

Thanks for the excellent report and for helping build your community.

Congratulations! :)

Jun 20, 2018 jordan caldwell

This deck is a beast.

May I recommend adding a clock?

Such as Epitaph Branch Office, Hunter Protections, or Epidemic Laboratory?

This as an alternative to spoiling your lovely complement of actions with spot removal...

Jun 20, 2018 TybarSunsong

Good call! I'm not sure which one I would prefer most honestly. I'd probably swap out Testing Range for it though.

I'd probably still swap versions of Lane as well. I think I like the EXP version just a bit better.