Stone's Sidekicks

published Sep 02, 2018 | | |
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Update on the 2/8/10 sidekicks I ran end of final AEG Sheriff season in Atlantic City. I've been having fun with this at the local gatherings so figured I'd share :)

At Pine Box the team tries to keep at least one deck together for every Servitor to show Greenhorns (that's the new folks to Doomtown) how they can be included into decks. I've kept a variant of this together for some time now and found that with aggressive bounty hunter plays, it can make for a long game, so I added in Stone as a way to generate more control points. The goal is to build a bit until Agent P can become Clyde or base Judge Henry, or get a Steven and bounty hunter with enough on the table to start causing trouble.

I consider most of the starting posse as staples, except Willa, but I think she's good to have with Stone in case things go south.

Off suit I've always liked the Jackson Strike to help fuel the bounty hunter costs, Coachwhip I would keep even post 2T2D to help Stone trigger, and Faster on the Draw in case they have an answer for Thunder Boy. Point Blank with Faster and Hattie can also help get the Stone target.