Holliday's Dogs v1

published Jun 14, 2019 | | |
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AdamM 2

This is my first attempt at designing a deck from scratch. I love Doc Holliday and wanted to build a deck around his ability. This is why Erin Knight is in the starting posse. She combined with Sister Mary Gideon will hopefully dissuade early game shoot outs. The draw structure is 6s and 8s. I'm open to thoughts.

Jun 18, 2019 DoomDog

Might Padre Ernesto de Diaz be a better starter instead of Sister Mary? Gets you the Blessed and stud bullet to combo with Erin and Doc for 2 less ghost rock, giving you more stash to start building up earlier.

Father Tolarios would make a good backup dude for one of your off-value spots, bringing another stud and Blessed 2.

You're seriously lacking ways to punish Cheatin' opponents. Maybe swap a couple of The Lord Provides for Quickdraw Handguns and look at finding some room for a couple more Cheatin' Resolution action cards. You have a lot of deeds so can afford to cut a couple that don't work for you.