Q J 10 FP Token Hustle (1st Place)

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LPF 78

Wanna play First Peoples but don't wanna win with influence at time? Have I got the deck for you! This is the deck i took to first place at the Hunting Ground Tournament in Tuscon Arizona.

The Goal: Get enough movement, and ghost summoning powers to allow yourself to control fights and the board.

Strengths: Lots of soak from tokens. Extra influence from tokens. Lots of extra studs from tokens. Enough movement and shootout control to have some interesting options and decisions.

Weaknesses: Not a whole lot of in deck influence, no way of calling people out at home makes the slide match up very dependent on first and second turn draws.

Some match up Experience:

Horses: Pretty similar decks both like to build up. You have a lot more soak they have calling the Calvary. Typically you can fight faster than they can unless they draw a fist full of pedros on turn one. Try to shut down their econ and block the maggie job if they under commit. They might have more explosive shootouts but if you can survive round one loosing only tokens then push into round to and blow them up.

Law Dogs Bounty: Turn one bounty hunter is a little scary. Especially if they are packing point blank. Not to much can be done about that. Pray for unprepared or guiding wind i guess. Other than that the matchup isnt too bad. The big plays and power cards of dogs are significantly less scary once you have some ghosts online. Just need to make it to that point and you should be fine.

Slide: Pray to the rng gods that you draw many speak as one and ghostly communion in your opening hand. If you do you can control a lot of the board. Its not a good match up for this version. If your worried about slide i would go lower on point blanks and outgunned and grab yourself more influence or some callout jobs.

Anarchist Good Stuff: Not a difficult match up once again soak makes any traditional fighting deck have some problems against this deck.

Legendary Holster Hit and Run: Strange Matchup. Really depends on what you draw and what they end up doing. Ancestor tokens are the deciding factor in this matchup use them aggressively and just call out the holster holder as often as possible. Its not a full proof solution by any means but the decks structure is strong enough that they might have to pull the trigger on a token just to make sure they are safe. If there is a bunch of this in your meta. Lower point blanks and outgunned and grab some callout jobs.

CP Rush: Its a race. If you get enough token generation in the first turn or so to fight them then do so otherwise youll probably loose before you set up. Spread your spells out to lessen the impact of pistol whip and you should be okay.

Jun 26, 2019 Findegil

Even with no Totems, is Matilda's +1 bullet over Mazatl important enough to pay 1 GR and 2 value?

And if Silent Sigil is too costly in GR and penalty, might it be worthwhile to double up on St. Anthony's Chapel rather than Grimoires to get Holy Grounds faster?

Jun 26, 2019 DoomDog

Diffrerences between the values below 4 are largely irrelevant where Shotguns and the like are concerned. I'd keep Matilda because the extra bullet combined with Ghostly Communion lets her act as a shooter should Zachary/your tokens get hit with bullet penalties.

Jun 27, 2019 LPF

Doomdog is correct. Its less that she is more relevant over the course of a game, eventually that bullet will matter less and less. She is more there so that turn one or two you dont just auto loose to a sun or pinned down on zac. Or at least it is a plan B. As far as holy grounds go im not overly interested in focusing on that mechanic and just use the home to unboot a single spell a turn which in my experience has been a strong enough ability without committing to it.

Jun 28, 2019 Harlath

Congratulations - nice to see a First Peoples deck that wants to interact down the barrel of a game rather than stall out with Beyond the Veil and win with influence at time. :) More fun and still effective.

Depending on play environment, could be worth looking at Curse of Failure off value as an aggro option against defensive opponents? You can still reliably cast your Spirits even if you add a 9 thanks to the Shaman 1 values on Enapay and Matilda Loomis.

Good tips on how to adjust the deck for different play environments (which covers off on some of my points above anyway!).

Jun 29, 2019 LPF

@Harlath Curse of Failure is an option as i pointed out, i think it would be more beneficial in matchups where your opponent was running a setup deck rather than something like slide. Against something that is straight control or passive control point rush I would highly recommend either A) a different deck entirely or B) Just throw in some more cheap dudes with influence in order to have more opportunities to control the board state.

Jun 29, 2019 Harlath

Thanks! :) As noted above, really appreciate the thorough and rounded write-up addressing different match ups.