Gifts Ungiven - Peacekeeper Event 1st Place

published Jan 07, 2020 | | |
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LastWalter 18

A list I cooked up with Prodigy. The idea (at least on my side) was that slide is disappearing despite the fact that it's still pretty good (better than ever?)!

I don't have too much to say. Making 4 money at the start of the game is real strong. Losing lowball to make 5 is even better. Play a bunch of deeds that give CPs and have irrelevant text. Play guys with influence.

Ran a Peacekeeper event with 6 cowpokes at it, 3 new players and 3 experienced players. Handed this to one of the new players (never played before his L2P game before the event). I showed him how it worked for a game, he tried it for a game, and then he played in the event and won three matches. I asked if he wanted to make a tournament report, and he said no.

His three rounds were: Justice in Exile, Regulators w/ Hellstrome, Justice in Exile w/ Stone.

Lotus Pavilion -

Changes: Rock Woofstone should be in this deck.

Props - New Players. Slops - No Slops!