Dude • Draw 3 • Influence 2 • Cost 6 • Upkeep 1
Experienced 1

Shootout: If Marion has a Melee Weapon attached, he becomes a stud and you may boot a Weapon in the opposing posse.

"The last person to call 'Francine' a pig-sticker was trussed up like a side of bacon. I see a pattern here." - Pancho Castillo
• Biagio D'Alessandro • Frontier Justice #8
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He is an awkward build compared to the original Marion Seville. He has the extra two bullets built into him at the cost of 3(!) more rock. His ability is playable, but as of this writing the only melee weapons he can equip are Rapier, Stoker's Sabre, and Evanor, and only one of those gets full benefit from him. Hopefully we will see 'Francine' soon and he can really shine.