Hexes heavy v1.03

published Nov 11, 2014 | | |
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Derived from
Hexes heavy 4 1 1
Inspiration for
Fourth Ring Shooter 3 3 16

swider 81

I was asked by other OCTGN player to share this deck, so I do. Personally I don't think that this deck is really strong one, but it is very fun to play, and in about ten plays I have never had problems with economy. Main values are 8's and J's, with very high chance of successful pulls. v 1.03 Deck adjusted for very hard matchup against sloan->shotgun->legendary holster.

Nov 11, 2014 mplain

Hey there! Thanks for having the patience to teach me playing on OCTGN! It was a fun match! Especially the shootout between your single guy against five of mine, in which you actually won! :)