anti slide sloane

published Mar 21, 2016 | | |
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scottw 115

here is a very quick mock up of an anti slide deck that should be capable of competing against other styles of deck

Mar 22, 2016 AdmiralGT

A good starting point Scott but I think it needs some tweaks to win against slide. I've just tested this out against my 108 slide deck and while it kept up for a while my slide deck often just accelerated away while this got bogged down.

The problem I found is that I just couldn't make money to cycle my hand and play things. With only 7 deeds with any production you're really hoping for one early but then you're in trouble to defend your deed first turn (only Marion Seville and Clementine Lepp can defend deeds) and after that you've basically got no income when you lose lowball. Then you're in real trouble because you make 1 GR per turn so you're a few turns away from improving income or adding more influence and if you want to cycle you've got to play cards that cost GR.

As such, I would never see enough kill jobs early to slow the slide and then they just accelerate away playing dudes and deeds with no way to contest them.

I think if you want to beat slide you need to be shootout action light (since a slide player will never have a shootout), get enough production to keep play influence and be able to cycle your hand to keep up. Unfortunately that sounds a lot like slide...

Mar 23, 2016 DoomDog

I'd consider dropping Miranda to the deck and starting Rico for faster deed contesting and better economy. That'd also give you the option to swap in a shootier starting posse against aggro decks if you called things wrong during setup. I'm surprised there's no Morgan Mining Company or Maza Gang Hideout as they're 0 control deeds with production which are useful to have against slide. I'd probably also go with Androcles over Marion xp1 as he adds more influence and potentially gets you ghost rock from sliders occupying your deeds.

Mar 23, 2016 AdmiralGT

@DoomDog I think the intended first turn play against slide is send Miranda and Allie to townsquare. Boot Allie for CP, boot Miranda with the home ability and then contest with Clementine and Marion. This allows you to contest 2 deeds in the first turn, while also giving you 2 CP and +2 Influence for a 3rd deed contest in the second turn. The problem I found was accelerating from here because you're just not making money to contest more deeds and if you boot Allie and Jake in town square then a slide player can just contest your deeds to reduce your income and really slow you down.

Mar 23, 2016 DoomDog

@AdmiralGT Yeah, I understood why Miranda can make for a useful starter with that home, but as you've pointed out her upkeep is the thing I don't like.