It goes to 11 (Easy way to get 11 Hand Rank without DMH)

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goreshde 467

I think we are on the verge of a new era of Doomtown locally. Everyone is playing something really close to 3x16 ever game so reducing bullets just is not cutting it. Instead I need to beat them with better hand ranks after we reveal.

Enter "It goes to 11". The idea is to avoid combat until you have a Force Field with Lemat or Doyle. Force field plus Lemat gives you a way to destroy people while having the same hand rank. You FF to match their hand ranks and then Lemat to take you over the top. This is effective but costs an arm and a leg if you have to use the non CR ability. Doyle can do similar tricks with a Force Field.

Having Lemat and Doyle together in one FF deck really makes it pop. Lets say I show a 2 pair and my opponent has a full house. I have a couple of ways to ruin their day now. I start by paying the 4 GR for force field. Now I can Lemat to gain another 2-3 ranks. I can then use Hoyle to change my 2 pair into a full house for another 4 ranks. I Just went from having a hand rank of 3 to a rank of 14. Sadly, much like the best amps out there 11 is the highest it can go. So in order to crush their full house by 4 ranks I just needed to spend 1 GR on force field and use my two items. Given the right circumstances I might not even need a Force Field.

Hoyle or Lemat can work on their own, but together I have multiple ways of shutting them down. Doyle is very pricey to use like this, but A Piece of the Action lets you fake tutor it and play it on the cheap. It also lets you get Lemat and is on value for this deck. It is a great addition to the deck because it saves you money and accelerates how fast you can get your combo.

I will stand behind the statement that Law dogs have the shittiest dudes. Finally I can use their overcosted nature to my advantage.

Apr 07, 2016 goreshde

This deck had some issues the first time out. The core concept worked incredible. Any two of the good combo together to total bullshit. I was surprised at how often I was able to contort my hands into something abuseable.

The issue is with my dude selection. I almost never drew A piece of the action so making sure all my dudes had a high cost blew up in my face.

Out of the 4 games I played (managed to win 3) twice I had starting hands without deeds. No Travis and a bunch of expensive dudes made it really hard to get going. Eventually the deck failed against an opponent I should have been able to beat.

Apr 09, 2016 eagleslide

How does Doyle's Hoyle in this deck increase your hand rank in this deck (no 2s)? I love the concept, overall.

Apr 19, 2016 RichCarter

to answer Eagleslide, since I am looking at variations of this idea. You can take a legal 3 of a kind / Full house and then pay forcefield to tie opponent, and THEN swap the Doyle for a non-10, turning it into a Four of a kind plus force field hand ranks.

(at least I think that works)