Cruise Missile Landslide

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Basic Strategy:

This deck is a variation on Morgan Landslide decks you'll see around. You want to pump out enough deeds to force the opponent to stretch out to control them all while maintaining enough influence to stay in the game. If you manage to make it past day 3, you've got a solid shot at just burying them under the weight of more deeds or reducing their influence just enough for the win with Rumors or Tactical Travis Missiles (cheap expendable 2-bullet dudes + Coachwhip!/Takin' Ya With Me). Priority #1 is to pump out cash to hire enough influence to make it past day 3! You'll want to avoid shootouts with your influence carrying dudes at all costs but If the opponent decides to go after your guys with targeted removal (kidnappin', ambush, etc.) you can fend them off with Pistol Whip, or at least force an exchange with your action cards!

Draw Structure: (None, slim chance at a club/diamond flush)

Your highest likely hand is going to be a flush with clubs or diamonds and even that'll be tough to draw meaning you're probably getting aced each shootout to the much more common Full House/4-of-a-kind draw structures out there. You'll likely only be able to make your opponents take casualties through Coachwhip! or Takin' Ya With Me. Avoid shootouts with your 2+ influence dudes at all costs (because you WILL get aced) and reserve your action cards to pull them out of unavoidable jams or at least force equal exchanges. Plus side is you're mostly safe from Cheatin'! cards, Coachwhip! is extra potent in your hand, and you'll win lowball more often than not which funds your land buying power and makes the action cards even better!

Starting Gang:

The basic starters here give you at least 7 Ghost Rock even on the off chance you lose lowball. This gives you enough cash to put out on average 2 or more deeds the first day even without the Morgan Home ability. The 5 starting influence all but guarantees you'll live to see the next day if you play conservatively. Always try to reserve 1 "butt-saving" cards (order of butt-saving importance: Make the Smart Choice/Pistol Whip->Coachwhip!->Takin' Ya With Me) in your hand if possible. If you lose any of your 2 influence dudes early without hurting your opponent equally, you're gonna have a bad time making it past day 3.

"The Gang":

Clementine Lepp*: Cost effective and safe starter. If you have one of the many saloons in this deck to start off with, it's a near guaranteed safe use of the Morgan Home ability. Once she's in a saloon, her influence goes up buying you more time to drop deeds and giving you an opportunity to exercise a safe use of the Morgan Home ability at an even better discount if you find another saloon in your hand the next day!

Irving Patterson*: Extreme value for the time he buys you to set up. This guy is also the bee's knees when it comes to the Morgan Home ability use on out-of-town deeds and this deck has a good number of them. He can also generate money in a pinch by walking into a shootout situation and Make the Smart Choice back home.

Travis Moone*: If you start off without any out-of-town/saloon deeds, you'll probably want to to mulligan with Travis. Use him to guard your high influence dudes at home with Pistol Whip otherwise he's great as a cruise missile if you have Takin' Ya with Me! in hand. You can usually just walk him into an opponent-controlled-private-home-adjacent deed, start a shootout, add a bounty the the opponent's dude, fail spectacularly to make your club/diamond flush, Coachwhip! one of their dudes if you catch them Cheatin'! or ace Travis and Play Takin' Ya with Me to force a casualty on the opponent. Chances are the opponent is going to miss who you took out more than you'll miss Travis, your deed is probably back under your control, and you got half of Travis' cost back from the bounty to boot!

Androcles Brocklehurst*: The colonel is basically an upkeep free 2 influence. Don't think of him as anything else. He'll always make back his 1 upkeep by using his ability or discouraging the opponent from taking control of one of your deeds. Every so often he'll be able to litigate a higher influence dude for more cash but he's mostly here to feed you chicken at home.

Allie Hensman: More cheap missile fodder with the rare chance to score you a control point if an opportunity opens up. Treat him like you would Travis.

Oliva Jenks: Mostly a cheap way to buy you more time but in a pinch works great as a missile too!

Steven Wiles: He's your one load of napalm directly into the middle of your situation. You can use him to buy you another day otherwise treat him like you would a souped up version of a Travis Missile. You're going in expecting him to get aced but now you've got a better chance at making a flush too!

John Longstride: If you find the single mustang in this deck for him, he's great at harrying the opponent's deeds! Otherwise you can treat him as a cruise missile or keep him around for influence if you're in a pinch!

Max Baine: An Influence bulwark against the tides of control points threatening to flood over your town. You can also send your dudes to ranches to generate more influence if need be. Use him for the Morgan Home ability discount on deeds only if have a comfortable influence lead and if you have butt-saving cards in your hand. He'll probably generate a control point for all the ranches you have by the time he comes out too.

Lillian Morgan: Much like Max but safer to use with the Morgan Home ability discount since you can call in other dudes to take casualties or Pistol Whip troublemakers away. Make sure you have butt-saving cards in hand before you use her for a deed discount!


Not much here! Use Make the Smart Choice\Pistol Whip to keep your dudes safe. Use Rumors to secure the win. Coachwhip!\Takin' Ya with Me are the warheads you load onto your Travis Missiles to take out key dudes and secure the win. Unprepared gives your Travis Missiles the ability to take out 3 bullet dudes with Takin' Ya With Me, increases the chances of making the opponent cheat, and is great at guarding against insta-kill plays that might shootdown your dudes before they can detonate!


These fall into 3 categories of importance to put out:

1) Saloon Deeds - These are safe starting deeds to put into play with Clementine

2) Out-of-Town Deeds - These are mostly safe to use with the Morgan Home ability

3) Everything else - These are just cheap control points to put out to force your opponent to stretch while you set up targets and prime your Travis Missiles. Don't count on being able to use their abilities often.


The single Mustang is going to be good on any of your 2+ influence holding dudes to keep them safer and harry the opposition's deeds. If you can get it onto Jon Longstride it's even better!

Dec 10, 2014 mplain

Here's a screenshot illustrating an average game vs. this deck :)

Dec 10, 2014 mplain

Hey man, it was really fun playing against this deck! :)

Lookign at the decklist, at first I wanted to suggest swapping Takin' Ya With Me for more Steven or Mustang, or maybe even Wilber + 4x Blood Curse. But then I read that wall of text above and realized this action is crucial to your strategy, it seems. Does it actually work in practice? Does it help you often to take some crucial influence away from the opponent and secure the win?

I'd be very interested to know what matchups are good/bad for you.

Thanks for the excellent writeup! :)

Dec 10, 2014 mysticpickle44

hahaha it was a blast playing against you too! The only trouble with including more than 1 Steven is that he is likely going to get aced more often than not in an shootout situation. This deck structure fails flush draws regularly even with a full 3 stud bonus! The only reliable way to force casualties is with action cards like Coachwhip! and Takin' Ya with Me. The extra mustangs could certainly come in handy late game though they're not the greatest things to see in your opening hand!

Good Matchups: People who haven't played against the deck before and don't expect to take casualties walking in with an overwhelming shootout advantage. Takin' Ya with Me is the primary surprise in the deck and once people see it coming a great deal of the advantage is lost. Decks without targeted dude removal or any mobility cards are good times. You can park your butt at home recruit influence and just pump out deeds!

Bad Matchups: High mobility horse cough/hex decks. Those take away a lot of the safety of using Morgan discounts on out-of-town deeds forcing me to keep more action cards in hand. People who see Coachwhip! coming and actively avoid cheating in shootouts. Anyone carrying a sidekick, accompanied by an equally expendable dude, or god save me backed up by Arnold McCadish!

Dec 14, 2014 ttsgosadow

Cool deck idea! A question arises: Why would you have jokers in your deck?