Sunny Shootouts

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VinceTurner 242

2nd place in the latest Manchester tournament. Fairly basic deck to try out Sun touched Raven. Just sit in town square and manipulate your hand into the best shootout one you can, then further manipulate what the actual shootout draw is.

In theory even just a random draw person can have a damn good chance of swinging a fight.

Round 1 Russ Eagle Wardens Russ walked a Mazatl into an early fight on his own, who got well and truly schooled. The problem being that the influence was too low and no spirit meant no Sarah BlueMeanie. Taking that mobile influence of Russ put pressure on him and an election whittled him down further by taking the ablative chaff away. In the end, I just dumped out more deeds and Allie than he could cover without a all mighty shootout in town sqaure.

ROund 2 Dan Beyond the Veil Dan was playing his Chief Steven deck. HE stayed out of fights in the early game and I didn't get the Election Days to whittle him down. Once he had some chaff, he wandered into town square. I made a play error, forgetting that whilst Zachary counts the influence in the location whether in posse or not - Mariel has to count in posse. Couldn't Mariel away an inconvenince, gotstuck in a shootout I then didn't win and discarded my own Mariel.

Was on the back foot but managing to claw back to evens, then the Chief landed and with his stack of influence took the game away.

ROund 3 Kirsty 4th Ring Kirsty was trying 4th Huckster/Blesseds. Kirsty managed to get an Amazing Grace out but not any of the other blessings before I started forcing shootouts and whittling her influence down. Kirsty did manage to get both the confederate and union priest out mind you! Sadly the padre got into a fight on his own and was forced to cheat - into a coachwhip. A couple of cheap influence dudes kept her in the game but once the skilled dudes were off the table I guess her hand must have cluttered up and eventually force of her own deeds plus mine meant there was more control than Kirsty could cover.

So two wins, one loss. On reflection, I'd have probably lost to Dan eventually even if I hadn't have play errored. Chief was just a massive infleunce swing even before his ability, and I just didn't have an answer beyond waiting for the inevitable shootout in town square. Dan could cheerfully dump him out of town in safety if he wanted to.

I never cast Sun Touched Raven all day (though did put it in the bin as a sidekick on tied shootouts a couple of times)