Sloane Shooter!

published Jan 30, 2015 | | |
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BeastEG 7

The Sloane deck that won our little tourney! I got lucky with many things but the deck is pretty solid.

If you are starting off against MCC, I'd recommend starting Olivia Jenks over Ramiro (yes, even though he is a stud) since you're better off building up.

Hiding in the Shadows is MVP as it shuts down so many cards. Ramiro with a Peacemaker is terrifying for most decks...throw Hiding into the Shadows into the mix and he can end things in a hurry. Pearl-Handed Revolver combos nicely on Marion Seville for a quick 3 stud (when wanted)

Doyle's Hoyle is probably the odd ball card. I'm considering cutting it down to a x3 but it has won me so many games by discarding a 2 and pumping a full house from a 7 to a 8 legally, that it will probably stay for some time.

Jan 30, 2015 BeastEG

Also the deck's that this deck beat in the tourney were the following:

1st Round: The Mario Crane action deck (beat it 4 times in a row if you include the 3 casual games we had)

2nd Round: 4th Ring Hucksters (Hiding in the Shadows and Unprepared won me those games)

3rd (Final) Round: MCC Landslide