Morgans dead mans circus

published Jan 31, 2015 | | |
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jaythejester 460

This is a highly experimental deck. It combines a short Landslide with Huckster tricks, and has a dead mans hand draw structure. Back up draw structure A, 8, J

Feb 01, 2015 NuFenix

If you lose lowball, then due to your upkeep you will only have 3GR to play with. Sure Lillian will allow you to play any deed for free, but almost every dude you won't be able to afford, so you won't be able to apply any pressure to your opponent, or retake any deeds they move onto once you have more than one.

Why 4x Dulf Zug?! He will cost you 3GR in upkeep, which doesn't justify the extra draw he provides over Irving, and his Influence doesn't make him better than Allie who gives you another means to earn CPs.

Feb 02, 2015 mplain

3 gr to play with is okay when you're starting Lillian. Risky, but acceptable. You're not planning to field any dudes on your first turn anyway (except for Bobo/Steven). This deck archetype does not mean to put pressure on the opponent on turn one, it needs time to build up.

Dulf Zug is a 2/2 dude for 2 gr, which is very nice, and he can serve as a meat shield and an influence buff. Since it's a DHM deck, you're not planning to keep him on board, you're going to discard him at the first opportunity to return his A♠ value back into the deck. His upkeep makes it easier to get rid of him than Irving. Same reason for not playing Allie - you don't plan to keep her on board, and you won't be able to hold the town square anyway.