Gadget Shooter (3-8-9)

published Feb 14, 2015 | | |
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Kees 47

My take on a MCC gadget-oriented shooter. 3s have Yan Li, which combines wonderfully with Quaterman. Now it can occupy opposing deeds with his 1 influence (and snappy new suit, I suppose). And after a long day's work, your Quatermen go to sleep in the Bunkhouse, where they also are worth 1 influence.

9s also have Mechanical Horse, which can be combined with Lane Healey, or used to ride someone down. Arvid is also great, he can get his fancy new gadget immediately when he comes into play. Furthermore 9s also have some cheatin' cards in the form of Cheatin' Varmint, and of course the wannabe Unprepared: Tail Between Yer Legs (not as good, but decent enough). Jarett is also a decent Clint-clone with a useful ability.

Large starting posse means enough defence for Kyle (hopefully). Having only one Mad Scientist is a weakness, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. If he should be aced or discarded, you still have a strong structure and shotguns, so go get 'em! :)

8s are just great, not much to say about that.

One more thing: I was shocked that I hadn't realized before how great the Helmet is... :O