Draw manipulation

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Card draw simulator
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Whizzwang 272

Completely untested idea I had.

Use Ace in the Hole to engineer your draw hand to 4/5 of a kind as often as possible. Ace off the 6 value cards as fast as possible so you thin down to 2 values in deck.

Use Ghostly Gun as often as you can when they cheat. Add him to your draw, fetch him back, replay him for 1 GR with summoning.

Also works for repeated abuse of Joker's.

Lots of back-up Hucksters in case Ivor gets kidnapped. Be careful though as they can fail the pull for Ace In The Hole.

Paralysis mark keeps problem guys in check (Allie etc) or ensures that their main shooter can't get involved while you wreck face with rank 10 hands. (Also combos well with Rumours if you can boot them out while not at home)

Might need a couple more deeds.

Mar 07, 2015 GammaGoblinz

What do you mean repeated abuse of jokers?

Mar 08, 2015 jaythejester

I like the idea of this deck, I it could really use a couple more bobo's.

Mar 08, 2015 Whizzwang

@ Gamma:

If they reveal a cheatin' hand, you use Ace in the Hole to add a Joker to your draw hand, you then use fetch so that you can take it back before draw hands are discarded. This stops the Joker from being aced and you can do it every turn.

@Jay: The concept is great, I really think there's a deck here. Tried it yesterday and it just failed. It definitely needs more aboms in the deck to get good leg work out of summoning. Ace / Fetch / Ghost is AMAZING! it just needs a little more support.

Mar 08, 2015 GammaGoblinz

Ohhh gotcha. As long as the dude with Ace in the Hole isn't in the shootout. Makes sense. That's pretty nifty.

Mar 20, 2015 Gazette_Andy

I've thought about doing something similar, haven't quite gotten it to work yet.