The road to hell is paved with the bodies of dead clowns

published Oct 10, 2014 | | |
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Photogenic Death 10 15 7
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Spoonfunk 7

Based off a combination of Db0's Photogenic death, it is also my first attempt at a dead man's hand structure.

So far I am thinking of starting jia, Travis, and Michah but I was also thinking of differant starts with Ivor to combat early aggression.

Wants to get raising hell, ace in the hole and undertaker in play to cycle The Ghostly gun 4tW.

Let me know what everyone thinks I will post updates as I play the deck.

Oct 10, 2014 db0

That's some really low values. Your spells other than Ace in the Hole will be failing most of the time I feel

Oct 29, 2014 dboeren

I would have to agree, I count almost 20 low valued cards (after removing starting posse) which will fail a pull. Starting Steele Archer will do a little better than Micah, but it still isn't that reliable. Also, Ghostly Gun costs 7 so you'll need a strong economy if you want to pay for him repeatedly. It looks like you're planning a Dead Man's Hand shooting structure with backup off-suit copies of these values to provide some fallback in case you don't make your pull and maybe reduce the need to use Ghostly Gun's ability. If after testing you feel your shooting is not quite consistent enough you can possibly look into adding some 8/J of Hearts. DMH and Hexes are a tricky combo in the same deck though.