The Governator 2.0

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DoomDog 864

Rafi's back, this time it's a Dead Man's Hand deck. With the imminent arrival of Faith & Fear, at least one copy of Undertaker will make way for the California Tax Office and I might swap out one (or both) of the copies of A Coach Comes to Town for something new.

The general plan is to harass the opponent with Bounty Hunters, Wendy & Steven Wiles, then hopefully when they're booted out and/or low on influence I've got Establishin' Who's in Charge, Allie, Lawrence or a 2 Control Point deed I can play to tip things in my favour. Rafi is there because I like the character and built the deck around him - he can help defend the key deeds of Hustings and the Mayor's Office (especially if he's got a shotgun to threaten low value dudes), and with influence 2 he's also real handy for writing up wanted posters at home.

Apr 05, 2015 watersports22

how do you plan to degenerate your deck to get dmh?

Apr 05, 2015 DoomDog

I haven't played around much with DMH but I figured with the Tax Office coming I'd throw it in there as a possibility. If I wanted to make it happen more often, I'd start by dropping some of the non-diamond Jacks and add a couple of copies of Gomorra Parish. I've run Jokers before, but they never seem to show up when I need them so I've left them out. The Six-Shooters can help with DMH if my opponent cheats.