Dude • Stud 0 • Influence 1 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 0
Huckster 0

Noon: Boot a Hex on Micah to move him (without booting).

"Does he ever smile?"
"I don't think you'd want to see the kind of thing that makes him smile."
• Cristian Chihaia • Base Set #5
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Pros: Very good ability, movement is really strong No up-keep

Cons: Relatively costly starter Very low value Huckster 0 (can be bad)

How to run it: Fisrt off, Huckster 0 can be both good (Huckster) and bad (low Huckster), if you realize this and build and play accordingly it should however be no problem.

Micah's flexibility makes him good, he is not to be used as a Shooter, more to threaten as a s strong backup, but mainly to control the board by forcing the opponent to lock their dudes at deeds/lose control of their deeds.

Spells on Micah give flexibility, Raising Hell for example, threatens a shootout, as backup with even more backup, deters calling Micah out, gives Micah a semi-Shadow Walk and threatens Hex Slingin' and Magical Distraction. You should run enough spells to equip Micah with at least two spells to keep multiple threats open.

For his ability, bounce Micah around forcing your opponent to send dudes to their deeds to regain control or lose the ability and income, useful both for in- and out of town deeds. This is how you create board control.

For casting spells, you should only equip spells that Micah can pull off reliably, which should be most non-x spells, even Blood Curse (Hex 9), the key is "know your deck". Paralysis Mark and Sould Blast are not good generally, save these for your Huckster 2.

Summary: Micah gives a lot of flexibility, his ability is much better than what it seems at first glance and Huckster 0 is (should) not a problem. Use his ability to create board control.