Felix Cutler by on

The best option of all would be to combine him with a non-cheatin' resolution so you can use the action, reset, and re-use it immediately. Sadly, there are very few cards that fit this bill (other than The Gambler's Gun which...uhh no), but one possibility is doubling up on a LeMat Revolver to turn a cheatin¨three pair into...well, a Dead Man's Hand if you have a 4 Stud.

Coinneach "Ken" CĂ rn by on

I would've loved to have this guy in my Classic Texas Rangers deck that contained one dude of every faction (yes, all eleven Classic factions).

The deck's tagline, of course, was "I'm here to shoot it or recruit it - and I'm all outta bullets".

Kentucky Windage by on

Yes, I know, this seems more like a Miracle than a hex.

but in the role playing game, Kentucky Windage is a hex to enhance the huckster's shooting.

and there are a number of hucksters that tease with low stud values and middling draw values - this Hex will allow them to step up into the role of Shooter.

Whistle Stop by on

Courtesy of our story team request.

What we have here is a gadget flash bang grenade. and depending on your deck's level of clubs, you might stun your own dudes as well.

Free Q heart that shuffles back in to support long term legal four of a kind.

Experimental for decks that are looking for that sort of thing.

Fred Ayres by on

This Fred likes the magical do dads, which supports the Mystical goods theme of the Fearmongers. And most of the mystical goods are cheap. Cheaper still with Bayou Vermilion Railroad

booting an attached Mystical goods is not a big cost, but just knowing the next card is not that big of an effect. unless you make it worth it. if you run some kings and queens with Soul Blast, you can know which dude you are poised to kill. or know when you can pull off the big difficulty Phantasm

Alonzo by on

one of the risks of attachment based decks like hucksters is that in the mid to late game you often have difficulty making legal full houses and four of a kinds because many of your hearts are in play.

Alonzo can return a hex, even a used one, to the rotation, and end up replacing the card in the process.

all for no upkeep and 2 influence - everything you want in a starting dude.

Forget, Fetchc, Sight beyond Sight, Shadow Walk, and Mind Twist - all zero cost Noon cast hexes for the huckster on the go.

Dakota Katzeek by on

it is an annoying truth of Doomtown that the gambling phase is going to show you the cards that you really want. So, as long as you can get a deed in play, Katzeek can pull a Totem from the discard pile and plant it.

Sure, at the risk of booting your Shaman at a Deed, but you don't get something for nothing.

if the Totem you retrieve is Spirit Trail, just use it to return to a safe location.

also note - Dakota Katzeek says that you MAY immediately plant the totem. you might have a better location in mind for that totem. maybe even your home.

Charley Bull by on

one of the themes of the First peoples is "aggressively" using influence.

Charley here takes up a cost and upkeep line that is more for standard shooters - but with a 0 stud and 2 influence. at the most basic level he can push a two bullet penalty onto an opposing shooter.

but throw on an attire like Ranger's Bible and now we are talking -3 bullets and a cheatin resolution.

or add in some weapon bonuses to make better use of Charley's natural studness.

Amity Hopkins by on

BLESSED 2 ?? my oh my, what can we do with that? passing Onward Christian Soldiers with a 2 or Lay On Hands with a 4 or just getting access to Soothe while also running Bounty Hunter

or just run with the Noon side of the equation. get opposing dudes wanted. and if they are in the same location as the faithful miss Hopkins, boot them. --- then bring in the Law Dog shooters to seal the deal.

Kim Lloyd by on

Kim is the lookout.

it does spread your dudes out a little, but wanted dudes in outlaws are fairly easy to come by, and then you get another stud dude.

if you are facing some sort of boot control, Kim can also slide a stranded dude into a better position - whether that be a safer spot or a more aggressive one.

Felix Cutler by on

one of the lesser themes of the outlaws is to make cheating pay off better for them.

hard to do when cheating in a shootout usually creates better hands, causing more casualties, and being a path towards victory all on its own.

So Felix here can enable one of your goods or hexes to be used an additional time.

but this is a resolution, so it would likely be a hex or goods used in the fight or earlier in the turn.

smoothest case, your opponent also cheats, and you reset a hex or goods with a cheatin resolution. boom.

or, reload a shootout action attachment, and then your opponent gets the hard decision of continuing another round, knowing what you have ready to fire.

Frank Bryant by on

pretty simple - Frank here is an outlaw that likes to fight, and if he is more notorious than the target of his ire, the fight is going to happen.

in case you do not have a readily available way to make Mr. Bryant wanted, he can choose to make the very act of entering play a crime. So that he can get down to business.

unfortunately for some more murderous outlaw players, starting Frank Bryant does not come with that same initial bounty, so he is going to have to find some trouble to get into before his ability really turns on.

Agent Moquin by on

When our backer wanted an Agency dude in the spirit of Windows Derek of Classic (a dude who could cancel actions) - I was hard-pressed. Classic Doomtown was a product of its generation, filled with restrictive protections, bonkers effects, and major mayhem. To make a more nuanced and balanced approach to the Men in black trenchcoats operating as bodyguards, it would have to jump through some hoops.

Agent Moquin needs to be in the posse - naturally you cannot protect someone without risk. Only stops shootout action cards. and only free ones. and Moquin needs to boot to do that big swing. so you might be able to out-position him, or make him use his cancel on a lesser action.

plus, as a 1 bullet draw with an upkeep, making the decision to start Moquin either comes at the cost of the usual early game stud dude or at the risk of running too much starting upkeep.

Livery Stables by on

Entrepreneurs and horses, a match made on ... what? Half of their dudes?

I exaggerate, a little.

But when you focus on horses for the majority of the hearts in your deck, you can discover that you would REALLY LIKE an extra bullet from time to time.

and the folks at the livery know how to make horses do what their rider does not want, so when facing off against a pinto rider, you might just decide to give them a bullet penalty instead.

maybe not for every horse deck - now I just need to make a 2 value horse.

Worm Canyon by on

This deed. At first my players thought my "Deep Six Strike" was madness.

up to FIVE ghost rock from a single deed? AND it improves your card draw throughput?

of course, after you use it you advertise that you cannot play any actions, deeds, or other tricks this round. No surprise Cheatin' Resolutions to turn the tide.

and it is a Noon Boot, so your opponent could just beat you to it and take the gains for themselves.

and Out of Town, without a control point, surely there are better things to fight over.

I know that I like to make people make hard decisions - is this one?

Dispatch Office by on

replacing the old timer Gomorra Jail for the Law Dogs.

we really do need a term for what my friend Jordan Caldwell calls "breaking and entering".

most of the decks that are going to invade another player are happy to resign themselves to gaining bounty for their actions. Most.

Some Law Dog dudes, like Marshal Caves Callarman are more allergic to gaining bounty.

or, if you are an outlaw feeling particularly saucy, you could use the dispatch office to publish your exploits far and wide, ramping up "Ma" Florence Aims, #Miranda Clarke, or Silas Aims (Exp.1) even faster.

or at the bare minimum, reduce the money you risk your opponent getting, or increase the money that you stand to gain.

I still need to do a little something with government deeds.....

Carson's Cantina by on

Sometimes you need to draw a card hoping to pull the cheatin' card to save the day.

Sometimes it is cheatin' lowball, and you just want more money.

Sometimes you just want to run 8's of Diamonds and you need one more control point.

or you are already on board with the four cards that interact with Saloons, and you want one more to fill your intoxicated master plan.

Tai Chi Chuan Garden by on

My quest to give every faction a Core deed is now complete.

Sure, the Anarchists do not have any use for a Holy Ground, but one of the things that I try to do with Core Deeds is to make them at least somewhat attractive for use outside of the faction that they are tied to. -- The First people love those Holy Grounds.

Any deck working with pulls can slot this Deed to add a little card cycling at no real risk to failing pulls. (Not Kung Fu, which is why this is the Anarchists' Core Deed - that and they use two skills).

Additionally, with Kung Fu, you might be able to mitigate the cost of discarding the card.

Rattler-Hide Coat by on

Similar to some other values, the 7 Goods has been dominated by the Pinto from the base set, and the later LeMat Revolver.

This one actually started with the name, drawing on Deadland RPG books again. I wanted an Attire, and broadly speaking we have Attire doing 'something' with influence.

Rattler Hide is quite effective at protecting the wearer from Shotgun blasts, and a lethal leather jacket can make even a dude with no influence able to control a deed.

beware bullet reductions during a fight though, you may suddenly lose control of the shootout action at the location in question.

Articulated Reloading Manager by on

Ultimately one of the problems of goods with actions on them, is that only getting one use per turn out of them can be a problem.

but what if you had a robot A.R.M. to reload you Shotgun or recharge your Electrostatic Pump Gun? maybe squeeze a duplicate use out of a cheatin' resolution goods like Devil's Six Gun.

my eagle eyed playtest team caught the possibility for an endless loop with two ARMs. (First version did not have that problem, as it was Attire, but removing that trait allowed for use with Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton or Ranger's Bible.

likely best when working with Gadgets, but also resets horses as a Noon, so you can threaten with that Pinto on more time.

Colt-Patterson Model '36 by on

I pulled this one from one of the Deadlands sourcebooks. This impressive rifle sported a massive 0.69 caliber, and I felt that would work similar to the Winchester. higher cost and no initial bullet bonus, but larger bonus and stud.

Sure, under normal circumstances, this is only going to work for one shootout per turn, but if you fill the other guy full of holes, do you really NEED a second shootout?

Plus, I felt that we needed a Weapon on Q

Like a Bull... by on

the Ace of Clubs has not been much of a place for Cheatin' Resolutions. Old Time had Inner Struggle, but as a condition, it did not stay in your value structure, and that can hurt. additionally, we now have Murdered in Tombstone, to go get a bigger impact cheating card, at the cost of allowing your opponent to do the same.

Like a proverbial Bull in a China Shop, some play styles are ... indelicate. While this will only protect you from 1 casualty (and NOT an actual hand rank), it will also cost your opponent a resource. In the ideal situation you have initiative and play this on a broke opponent, and make them discard the cheating card that they have. Unlikely, sure, but a fool can dream.

Or get in a fight on one of their deeds, and shoot the place up with the regular Resolution, buying you an extra turn on the control point, and maybe jamming up their economy with the production hit.

One-Eyed Jacks are Wild by on

this one I am going to have to take the blame for.

it works on both shootouts and Gamblin' (as indicated by the last line).

Competition in the Three of Hearts is admittedly stiff - Sun in Yer Eyes and The Stakes Just Rose - are the gold standard for Shootout actions.

and Cheating Resolutions are something that you want in a deck, they can save your bacon, but the Three of clubs has really languished. Fool Me Once... sort of worked for Old Timer, but since it attached and left your deck, it did not do your draw structure any favors (plus it did not help you win shootouts).

If you are running on the lower end of the value spectrum, you should be more likely to win lowball (all things considered) and be able to play this cheatin' resolution in time to protect your hand from being hit by your opponent. (Also added that text so that you can hit a safe five of a kind without a joker).

always a risk to drop your cheatin' punishment on lowball, but if you do (hopefully in order to win the pot), this card at least replaces itself.

Puttin' On Airs by on

one of my ambitions with the Weird West edition continues to be to make a variety of play styles available on a variety of values.

in WWE, Fives lean heavily on shootouts. Hiding in the Shadows, Pistol Whip, Ol' Fashioned Hangin', and I'm Your Huckleberry all lean heavily on getting involved in fights.

Influence is a key component of not losing Doomtown, and just making an action boost Influence for free would be TOO GOOD. So once a dude Puts on Airs, they will not join posses as the aggressor. They can still defend themselves.

also added the little bit of clearing a bounty, sometimes you have to counter those nasty Law Dogs.

Ready Fer Anythin' by on

Goods are great and all, with their repeatable or static benefits. But sometimes those goods do not provide the type of benefit that you are looking for in this situation. Ready Fer Anythin' gives a variety of bonuses not normally associated with that particular goods.

Or, if you are fond of taking a key dude and loading them for bear, this card can turn your lynchpin up a couple of notches.

if not for the 6 value, this baby would be a lock for a deck with Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton - Stud, +1 Bullets, and replaces the card? yes please.

or this just adds a level of surprise when that Fancy New Hat makes your dude shoot a little straighter.

Debt of Blood by on

There comes a time when dudes perish, through no fault of your own. or maybe you sent them off deliberately on a fool's errand.

Debt of Blood turns the loss of a precious dude into almost as precious stud bullets. Only for the turn, or for the shootout, but that might be enough.

Intentionally you cannot kill your own dude and extract the benefits of Debts.

since the noon effect will last until the end of the turn, it does require a dude to go to Boot Hill. Wounded / Discarded is not enough. This may create a situation where you send a sacrificial warrior into a fight and TRY to get a bad hand. Weird times in the weird west. or you just want to salvage something from seeing an unexpected legal five-of-a-kind.

Any Port in a Storm by on

reactions always hold a weird place. They break up the traditional back-and-forth of all the other portions of the game, and need to respond to triggers common enough so that they are worth the card stock they are printed on. Refusing callouts, or leaving after a round of fighting should be common enough to qualify.

Any Port in a Storm essentially turns into movement. I expect most players will be paying the extra ghost rock cost to unboot upon arrival at their new location, because otherwise they might still be tracked down and called out.

If you are refusing a shootout or running from a shootout started on your opponent's turn, this will set up the next action to you, and at the location you want to be. Grab a bullet boost from Charlie's Place, get angry drunk at Cliff's #4 Saloon, go Shoppin' for some goods, or call out an interloper on your land.

and when your opponent looks at a full posse running a job and says "okay", you can leave yourself with at least one mobile piece on the board.