Dude • Stud 2 • Influence 1 • Cost 6 • Upkeep 1

Shootout, Boot: Send an opposing dude home booted.

"Poor girl's lost every happiness imaginable. All that's left for her is to make sure no one suffers the same fate." - Abram Grothe
Law Dogs • Mario Wibisono • Base Set #21
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Wendy with a Buffalo Rifle is one of the most brutal combinations in the game. If Wendy makes it to the town square with a Buffalo Rifle it will require the opposing player to bring at least two guys to every shoot out until she is dealt with. She not only pins people down but is also extremely useful at clearing out deeds. When playing against Wendy one strategy is going in with two dudes. Another is making sure you have enough dudes on the board that after you force her to use the ability you still have enough mobile influence to make plays.