Spell • Cost 1
Miracle • Hymn

Shootout Miracle 4, Boot: All dudes in your posse get +1 bullets, and cannot have their bullets reduced or changed to a draw by other player's card effects.

"We're marching as to war!" -Abram Grothe
Neutral • Biagio D'Alessandro • Ghost Town #28 | Weird West Edition #191
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Jhandy27. 2/5. Here we have another low value miracle. It also has a low difficulty, so carries less ‘risk to run’. It’s a decent card, but I can’t imagine ever wanting more than 1 or 2 in play unless my opponent packs a lot of bullet reduction. I’d rather just run cards that up my bullets and make them studs as that’s more useful against non-reduction decks. Its low value stops me running it in most miracle decks though.

Nu_Fenix. Our first and currently only Hymn for Lucretia Fanzini, and one I’m not keen on. There is minimal benefit to non-shooters getting a bullet bonus. The most used means of changing bullet types to a draw are Sun In Your Eyes and Nightmare at Noon, so this is an answer to something that doesn’t happen enough to justify its existence.

Doomdog. 3/5. This is the aforementioned new hymn. Giving everyone in your posse the effects of a Peacemaker for a round is pretty tasty. It’s a low value and unless you’re Blessed 2 it fails its own pull, just like several other Miracles. I’ll have to try this out with Lucretia to see how useful it is for the 108. They don’t have many in-faction studs, but it certainly has its place as Blessed can make dudes into studs with Consecration and Sword of the Spirit. The Law Dogs have plenty of studs and access to two Blessed 2 dudes, so could possibly run this on value, but I see it being as an off-value Miracle.

Chefonk. 1/5. Oh boy where to begin. First off all, I generally dislike spells and gadgets that fail their own skill check, even more so if by 2 or more. On some cards this is a bigger problem than on others. Auto-Gatling for example also fails its own check, but being a gadget and having access to cheap mad scientist 2 (at least in Morgan) who do nothing else but invent, is less of an issue. This is sometimes mitigated by a powerful effect like Soul Blast or even the less played Lay on Hands. As a 2 this also fails literally every other miracle skill check other than itself. Is there a really, really, good reason to include this? Unfortunately, there is not. Don’t get me wrong, on paper it is a great ability. Giving all of your dudes an invisible holy Peacemaker made in heaven is great (and pretty rad as I just realized typing this), but not really needed in current miracle builds. The card this will mostly help against is Sun in Yer Eyes, but being a Miracle attached to a dude, your opponent knows it is there. You therefore have to win low ball if you want to use it before any actions your opponent takes, further limiting its use. Other cards do what this is made for and just as good without including risky pulls or relying on winning low ball.

Jedilanni. 2/5. Running this off value as a 1 or 2 won’t significantly hurt your pulls. The main problem I have with this is the same as most miracles that are all low value, high skill check, or fail the self pull. Not having shootouts go terribly wrong due to opponents wielding Faster on the Draw and Sun in Yer Eyes make this miracle worth a one or two of in a Blessed Dogs build.