Deed • Control 0 • Cost 1 • Production 0
Private • Core Entrepreneurs • Ranch

Shootout, Boot: Give a dude with a Horse +1 or -1 bullets.

"Having good tack is almost like shooting from solid ground." -Kassandra Nilsson
Neutral • Debt of Blood #31
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Entrepreneurs and horses, a match made on ... what? Half of their dudes?

I exaggerate, a little.

But when you focus on horses for the majority of the hearts in your deck, you can discover that you would REALLY LIKE an extra bullet from time to time.

and the folks at the livery know how to make horses do what their rider does not want, so when facing off against a pinto rider, you might just decide to give them a bullet penalty instead.

maybe not for every horse deck - now I just need to make a 2 value horse.