Mad Science with a (Straight Flush) Heart

published Jul 20, 2015 | | |
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TybarSunsong 74

First attempt at a Hearts Straight Flush deck with gadgets.

The biggest risk this deck has is accidentally playing too many of the hearts you need to get your Straight Flush.

Please critique, as I'm still fairly wishy-washy on the starting posse/dudes set up.

Jul 20, 2015 tbowers13

The problem I've had with straight flush decks is you've got to draw a ludicrously large number of cards or get really lucky to draw your straight flush. And sometimes drawing 12+ cards still doesn't get you your straight flush. I think if you're conscious of the values you're putting in play straight flush with hearts will work out better than the clubs most people have been trying since you can thin your deck considerably by removing the hearts from your deck, something that you can't do with clubs.

What I've done with my last two straight flush decks is build around 2 core values and play 14-16 of one of them and 12-4 of the other and then fill out the rest of your deck with sequential values that incorporate your 2 main values to make a straight flush. Early on you can reliably draw full houses and four of a kinds, then as you cycle your deck it will thin out those 2 main values and make it easier to draw a straight flush from the remaining cards.