Three Clown Monte

published Aug 03, 2015 | | |
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goreshde 467

My Gencon deck. I did a 16 16 scatter build. The idea being I can get some massive hands on some shootouts like a 3x16, but the scatter gives me the control elements I need for the deck,

Aug 03, 2015 mplain

Did Avie prove she deserved two off-value slots in the deck? :)

And The Popescus in the starting posse?

Aug 03, 2015 goreshde

Avie has won me a lot of games. She loves pulling in a booted jack smiley to one of my locations where a soul blast is waiting. She is incredible and deserves those two spots.

She is not "off value" because the last 16 cards in my deck are specifically not the same value. Instead they are the best 16 cards for my deck that are not a 8 or Q. 16, 16, Scatter has worked really well for me and I want to try it for other decks moving forward. It's weird because I can pull 4-5 of a kind with just Travis often enough to be scary but then sometimes get super hosed. You either hit it big or lose big. What else could I ask for from a Doomtown deck?

The flying were my worst starters. I like the 0 upkeep, but the 0 Huckster was bad. Blood curse is a key part of this deck and it needs a 9.

Oh, I missed something before posting this. It is 4 Soul Blasts 0 Puppets. I used soul blasts often to challenge people on my deeds whose grit was higher than I could cast, just to get a bounty on them. A couple of games this extra income paid off huge.