Mario and Louis-gi v2.0

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Whizzwang 272

Mario gets a Force Field

Mario starts a fight

Use FF to make every shootout you lose a draw

Both sides take 1 casualty

Mario is Harrowed so goes home booted

Louis stands Mario


updated with new cards - Dispenser for higher value card draw, exploit for repeatable cash to dump into FF

Aug 30, 2015 pvdel

There are no ranches in your deck so you can't attach Auto Cattle Feeder to any of your deeds.

Aug 31, 2015 Whizzwang

I can however attach them to yours :)

Circle M, and Blake Ranch should be in most decks, you don't need to worry about not having your own.

There's no difference between having to defend your own ranch with feeders and sitting on your opponent's. Sitting on theirs is marginally better as you deny them the income (awesome on Blake Ranch) and you can still generate cash.

Aug 31, 2015 pvdel

This is a bit of a stretch to be honest. I mean, I'd rather have cards that do not strictly depend on my opponent having a specific deed. There are multiple decks around that do not play the ranches you mentioned. I would say that most of the time you'll end up with four off-value dead cards. I'm sure you can find something better in this slot. ;)

Sep 10, 2015 Gozik

I have test this deck and it suck. Is it for jank contest?

Sep 10, 2015 Whizzwang

It is indeed. You can read more about the Jankiest Deck contest here:

Sep 10, 2015 Gozik

Yeh, I know about this contest. I just didn't connect it to this deck the first time I saw it.