Zo me the weapons!

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Whizzwang 272

Not seeing much love for Zoe since her release, which is a shame. She is a reliable MS 2, 3 in some cases for LD. yes she can only make weapons, but let's face it, shooting your opponent in the face is much more fun than teleporting randomly around town.

This is pretty much your standard deputy/jail/kidnap deck. Although it starts Zoe to make the 2 best/efficient weapons in the game.

Starting Zoe at MS 3 means we can run value 4 cards and still invent the Auto Revolver. This means we can run Legal Instruments and turtle for a couple of turns while we build up. We have a singleton faithful hound to eat problem goods cards, however he's just personal preference.

6s gets us Holy Wheel gun and Faster on the Draw. With so many deputies combo FotD with a Holy Wheel gun and you're looking at a pretty fearsome stud dude, even Phil becomes a threat (GO PHIL!)

7s is your default starting value for a deputy/jail deck. It gives you kidnaps to fuel the jail, blake ranch to gets some efficient ghost rock and for us we also get Auto Revolver - hands down one the best abilities for a draw based shooter if we don't see a FotD.

Sep 25, 2015 LordManHammer

You dare criticise our Teleportating Devices! You, sir, you are an abomination against science! I throw my Light-Weight-Gauntlet(TM) in your face. I challenge the puny Law Dogs to a real match of Wits and Science!

Do your best and lets meet in the Octagon to show whom of us are the real scientist of the town!

Sep 25, 2015 Whizzwang


It's you.


It's on you be-goggled fool! (I'll ask deebs to stream this time)