Sloane Comes to Town

published Sep 25, 2015 | | |
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Zeetoois 116

Starting Sloane? That's a bold move, Cotton. Let's see how it plays out for him.

This deck is built to gain control points with Allie, terrorize the town with Sloane, and make bank with Desolation Row's job. You will be taking advantage of Sloane's trait a LOT--not booting when joining posses is invaluable. Whether someone's calling Allie out in order to get rid of your control points or you're just running the Desolation Row job for some extra cash, Sloane will be there.

Even if you don't have a great starting hand, you can still do a lot on turn one. You're able to move Allie to the town square on your first move, boot her to gain control on turn 2, and run the DR job on turn 3 to pull her back home (if needed/wanted). Also, if anyone calls Allie out while she's in the square, Sloane (and Makaio, if needed) can help out instantly. With all the bounty being built up from the DR job, the use of Kidnappin', B & B, and with Makaio able to move it around, you can be sure to get a control point or two from DR's trait within the first day or two.

In shootouts, you'll be shooting on 3-4-5-7, with 7s being your weakest at 9 count, 3s at 11, 4s at 12, and 5s at 15. The only cards outside of this draw structure are x2 This'll Hurt in the Morning (to wreck cheatin' hands, since the only other cheatin' res is Coachwhip!), and of course your starting posse, who don't affect it anyway. Cards like The Stakes Just Rose help keep Sloane in the party (or can bring someone else in unexpectedly) while Pistol Whip and Faithful Hound help to lower the effectiveness of opposing posses.

Any tips would be appreciated. I've only played this deck a handful of times, but it's won every time (including in a 3-player match), and it's ridiculously fun to play.

Sep 25, 2015 Prodigy

I like the idea, and it sounds fun.

I would highly suggest adding Travis Moone to start. You really need to have a solid hand to run the Des Row job from turn #1, and he helps ensure you have the shootout support. Especially first turn, running a successful Des Row job is very important with 0 income.

2 starting GR isn't bad, with a likely 4 to follow. Leaves you between 5-7 GR first turn, depending on lowball.

Sep 26, 2015 Zeetoois

I go back and forth with Travis. I feel like every time I don't run him, I get an okay at best hand, but every time I put him in, my hand is gold and I don't use him. When I do run him, I simply take out a copy of Barton Everest. I simply can't decide what I like more. Having 7-9 GR is great, but Travis is helpful on the occasion that I get a crap draw or draw a joker or two. Perhaps grifting is the way to go on this one... Thanks for the comment! :)

Sep 28, 2015 Prodigy

Also: even if you don't use his ability, you have an extra body to soak up 2 casualties as well, which is very nice since you really don't want to lose your other 3 starting dudes.