shotgun is the best disinfectant

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goreshde 467

This place is disgusting. I don’t know if Gomora has always been this bad or if it’s finding new ways to get worse. Whores on every corner, drunks line the streets, and grifters practicing their trade in broad daylight. I can’t go two feet without tripping over human vermin and more come every day. I can hear the town calling me, begging me to be its salvation, but I can’t do it alone. By the time I am done they are going to call me Micah Ryse The Cleaner because with my street sweeper I am going to cleanse this town one shotgun blast at a time.

The idea behind this deck is to be a shooter that generates a LOT of control points acing/discarding their dudes. With 4 Twists, 3 Forced, and the Saber you have potential to generate a lot of control points during shootouts. The downside is that you have to play coy a little while to develop.

This is the first deck where I picked 7s NOT for kidnapping. The deeds have 0 control points which is awesome for me. I want to have 0 control point deeds out everywhere because I want to win due to control points I generate not CP on deeds. Saber is also pretty awesome. Fetch is there mainly to get booted for -3 value.

My biggest fear with this deck is unprep, which is why I have cooking up trouble. If they cheat in lowball it’s a perk, but just going into a shootout knowing what to expect is worth the 1 GR alone. 4s also let Jake Smiley get drunk at home to help find the cards I need.

Against a Spirit fortress I hope to have a pinned down (I will save it in my hand forever if I need to) and go all out once they try to Whatley for the win. Once Whatley is pinned down I just need to tie or beat their hand to secure he dies first. Fortresses also really hate shotgun, because that is where most of their studs come from.

Against aggressive shooters I just need to develop before I can take them on. Cooking will really help me win the shootout action dual before we draw hands.

Ideally once Micah has some twists on him and someone has a shotgun it’s time to paint the town red. With one twist, fetch, and a shotgun I can ace an 8 value dude (outfit added in as well). That is not that much stuff. If I can keep developing no one is safe from Micah’s cleansing fire.

Jan 08, 2016 Bas100

I like the deck. Pinned down shouldn't work against Whateley though, since he shouldn't be in the shootout (You go to the location, they call you out so you can't call Whateley out).

Jan 17, 2016 tbowers13

I would imagine he's using forced quarantine on Whatley to make him fight.