Sloane Hex

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mplain 1642

This deck plays just like The Fourth Ring, with hucksters and hexes and Hex Slingin', but instead of card cycling and +1 gr per turn we have +2 control points per turn, so you don't have to depend on your opponent building deeds.

Deck structure is such that a 2-stud shooter will get at least a Full House 85% of the time. And you actually have this 2-stud shooter from the start in Jonah Essex, who also happens to be a huckster. A huckster who also happens to be a 2-stud that is quite resistant to Kidnappin'.

Steven Wiles and Bobo are your expendable 1-turn minions that will take some opposition down with them thanks to Takin' Ya With Me. If you get economy going well early, you can get plenty of other studs (Clint, Eve & Alice), though they are mainly there for shootout structure. Oh, Travis and Allie each have 2 bullets too, so they can take ya with them too.

Paralysis Mark doesn't let big dudes get to the town square, Blood Curse helps in a fight as well as to cut down their influence, together with Rumors.

Bobo currently occupies a flexible slot, he might be replaced with either more deeds, more backup hucksters, or a couple Buffalo Rifles.

Nov 19, 2014 Dementia

It certainly looks a lot like my deck(Deadly Rumors). I definitly gonna try this deck out. I think i'll replace bobo, but i am not sure yet. Maybe put in Sloane herself.

Nov 19, 2014 mplain

I did tell you that I have a 90%-similar deck :) Yeah, Bobo isn't that good without Archer, and I also think this deck doesn't need Forget, but would benifit from Buffalo Rifle in its place.

Nov 20, 2014 yoshi

Looks cool, was thinking about running somthing similar, I'll throw it together and see what it can do, albeit with some personal modifications :)

What do you want in your starting hand, that is, what are you mulliganing Travis for?

Nov 20, 2014 mplain

Nothing specific. I'll mulligan if a hand is really awkward, but i'll take at least two of the following: cheap deed, missile dude, spell, trick.

Travis is there for his 2-draw as well, as fodder for Takin' Ya With Me.

The real problem is influence: 3 is clearly not enough when facing a similar build of The Fourth Ring with Blood Curse and Rumors.

I might consider switching Jonah and Travis for Archer and Mendoza...