Sloan 4-8

published Nov 19, 2014 | | |
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goreshde 467

What I think is a solid Sloan deck.

Nov 20, 2014 yoshi

Are you aiming for Straight Flushes, or shootin' with 4's and 8's as your values?

How does it play, what is your strategy? Seems that unless you get a Pearl-Handled Revolver in your starting hand you are easy to bully as you have no tricks for shootouts and no-one to protect poor Allie?

Have you considered changing up your team to take advantage of the shooting power of Sloan Gang and/or adding tricks in the form of Actions with shootout abilities or more Goods?

Nov 22, 2014 Woody

It does seem risky to open without a stud... especially without Travis Moone to mulligan for the Revolver.