What a Lovely Day

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Gozik 607

witness me

Once again, we send off my War Rig to bring back gasoline from Gas Town, and bullets from the Bullet Farm. Once again, I salute my Imperator Furiosa, and I salute my halflife war boys, who will ride with me ethernal on the highways of Valhalla! I am your redeemer! It is by my hand you will rise from the ashes of this world!

Here is the deck to grab the sun and ride to Valgalla. No doubts, no preps only furious rush for points. Don't care about your halflife war boys, you have plenty of them, just go for a job with first action! Occupy town square if you have none of them. Callout solo as soon as opponent move there. Force as much dudes to boot to join as you can. If opponent does not commit enough, Angelica Furiosa can join and punish weak posse. With Carters and Shadow Walks your posse can become really solid.l for nowhere. If they commit - boot unbooted dudes with unprepared, pistol whip or Lepus and let your warrior go to Valhalla alone.

He lives, he dies, he lives again. (Probabbly with another name). When opponent's dudes are all booted, comes Immortan Nic and finishes the game.

Drop all uncertains: structure, influence, soul blasts with aces (failing soulblast is ussually good outcome btw). The plan does work. JUST DO IT.

This is the deck you should play. And if you die, you will die historic, on the fury road!

Apr 17, 2016 Gozik

6-1 with this deck so far. (Lose to Abminations, win vs 2gadjets, miracles, 108 slyde, 2control clowns (tmcd)).

−1 Soul Blast −1 Travis Moone
+1 Darragh Mèng +1 Outlaw Mask

Drop Travis as I want to be able to start Jake in this slot. Darragh drawback is not really huge as games last 3-4 turns and soulblasts ussually hit a single time anyway.

Aug 09, 2017 LordManHammer

Love this @Gozik Ill definitely try it out and see how it takes to my local meta ;)