Morgan 7+8+J Plasma Drill

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Morgan 3+5+7 Cavalry 5 7 5

mplain 1642

Plasma Drill seems like a really interesting card to me. I tried building a solid deck around it, adding and removing cards, looking for hidden synergies, but in the end I went full circle to a point where I think that the best change to my deck would be to replace the Drill altogether with something more useful. Maybe you'll have more insight on how to make it work. Suggestions welcome! :)

The major downside of the Plasma Drill, even more so than its cost of 4, is its high difficulty of 8, which prevents me from playing all the cool cards at 5, like Pistol Whip and Mustang and Charlie's Place.

'This is a Holdup!' is the only card that can be said to combo with Plasma Drill. Give the gadget to Travis and send him to the town square, then send Kyle to the opponent's deed. He'll wonder why you'd send a 0-influence guy there. Then you play 'This is a Holdup!' and rob him, he sends someone after your booted-and-wanted dude, and then Travis uses the Plasma Drill to demolish the deed and send Kyle home to safety (the opponent will likely not be albe to pay because you just robbed him). Too bad that the opponent pays to the bank, not to you...

This deck plays just fine against other Morgan decks ('Dudes & Deeds', gadgets, horses), can hold its own against The Fourth Ring (though Paralyze Mark hoses your drill, so you really need to Run 'Em hucksters Down! before they learn too many spells). But it really struggles against combat-oriented decks like Sloane and Law Dogs, because a single 'Sun in Yer Eyes' will turn Lane Healey into a little girl, and if they also have a Pistol Whip for your Flamethrower-weilding Travis Moone, then it's probably gg.

I made a variant of this deck replacing all Js with 9s (for Cheating Varmint and Mechanical Horse) to make the deck more stable, but after that removing Plasma Drill seems like the most logical step...

I wrote a review on Lane Healey that explains why I start him and how I use him, you can check it out here -

Dec 03, 2014 Kain8

Roderick Byre may be a good inclusion. Kyle can be a pretty big target for Kidnappin' with the amount of economy he can generate. If he gets discarded or even aced by Soul Blast, you need a backup. Roderick can succeed most of the time too on Plasma Drill pulls, where James Ghetty is just slightly worse in that regard. I'd probably replace Androcles or one of the Steven Wiles to get Roderick into the mix.

Dec 05, 2014 mplain

You know, what you're saying sounds logical, but in practice I've never encountered someone going after my scientist. They prefer to kidnap either Lane (if he doesn't have a horse yet) or Irving (to cut my influence). If they kill Kyle, well, whatever. I'm still in the game, even without Plasma Drills and Flamethrowers.