The Professor and the Postman 1.1

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Kees 42

Made some small changes to the deck, after some playing. The Professor's ability was needed less than I thought, so I added a way to use it with Showboating. Besides, it wasn't always possible to use Meet the new Boss vs. agressive decks.

Also added a Byrne, because he is so great combined with Yagn's, and to make the deck shoot a little better. Couldn't find room anywhere else, so a Quaterman had to go.

I'm not sure it is possible to pull Showboating for a skill check, use the professor and then use the Showboating you just pulled, but I guess it should be. I would like to hear a ruling about this.

There is a 4/49 or 8,16% chance of pulling showboating for the skill check to invent Post-a-Tron at the start of the game. Which can then be used, while using the Gadgetorium with Margaret (check would be 1+3+11=15, which is 7 more than the 6+2 needed).

Only possibility of failing the test at the start of the game is when pulling Quaterman (1+3+3=7, lower than the 6+2 needed), a 3/49 or 6,12% chance. But in that case, the professor can help.